Three Pixie Platters.

Among the sweetest looking toadstools is the Pixie Platter, this variety is also known as the "Pancake Toadstool" and the "Lazy Mans Perch".


This toadstool is aptly named for its large plate shaped appearance. Certain toadstools have been known to grow up to a whopping 15 inches in diameter, though more commonly they reach an average diameter of around 10 inches. Being indiscreetly disc shaped makes them among the easiest to locate on the forest floor. The toadstool has a golden brown appearance which clearly resembles a delicious pancake fresh off the griddle.


However sweet this toadstool may appear it is no sugary salad additive. The Pixie Platter is rated 4, it is useful but might have some unpleasant side effects. Its poisonous spores have been known to cause respiratory defects and prolonged illness, with the occasional bout of gangrene.


Pixie Platters are known to grow only in the northern hemispheres. Preferring to grow in cool and somewhat drier regions, perhaps they do not like the extra rain collecting on their massive platforms. This is one variety that actually grows quite readily in greenhouses. If you are looking for a toadstool to take on as a gardening project, this would be the one, as long as you can maintain a cool and dry environment.


It is one of the best ingredients available for use in Binding spells and potions. New research now shows it can prove to be effective in slowing the signs of aging on the skin. Many magical Apothecaries are now stocking these toadstools on a regular basis. Therefore it is currently enjoying a sudden surge in its popularity with witches and their home care remedies. Remember when using any toadstool, be sure to dilute the dose when using them in any topical or digestive spell or potion.

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