Placement Charm


Fixate (FIX - ATE)

Wand Movements

Drawing a bridle-like motion over the object




Moves an object from point A and secures it to point B

The Placement Charm was taught by Professor Fuller sometime within 2083-2084 during a joint lesson between the subjects Charms and Care of Magical Creatures. During this lesson, the students were tasked to use the charm on Winged Horses to win a race.


The Placement charm simply moves an object from point A and secures it to point B, wherever that point is.

While the Placement charm is similar to Wingardium Leviosa, they also have their differences. The levitation charm simply just levitates the object, while the placement charm can actually move the object to a different point and stick it there.


Charms #1 / CoMC #2 by the Black Lake, Term 37

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