Poppy Prunella Pricklepot is a member of the Ministry and works for the Ministry Maintenance. Poppy is free spirited, eccentric, flirtatious, energetic, humorous, carefree, giggly, flamboyant, and glamorous. She likes sparkly things, hearts, flowers, sparkles, rainbows, hearts, sparkles, fairies, unicorns, girly things, sparkles, bright colors, etc. She hates most animals, and anything that requires more effort than she's willing to put in. She is lazy, has no respect for personal space or privacy, and doesn't mind what she says.


  • Date of Birth: May 2 2002 (73)
  • Heritage: Half-Blood
  • Birthplace: Lancaster, England
  • House: Hufflepuff
  • Wand: Unicorn hair, willow wood, 9 inches.
  • Patronus: Unicorn
  • Amortentia: Bubblegum and perfume
  • Boggart: Lord Borr married to someone other than Poppy


  • Hair: White, short and curly.
  • Eyes: Green
  • Height: Short 4'8"
  • Weight: Chubby 145 lbs
  • Defining Physical Features: Her beauty


She was born to a witch and a muggle father in Lancaster, England. The first time she exhibited magic was immediately after she was born, when the doctor made her cry and his hair was changed to pink. After that incident, Poppy had always been marveled by all things magical, and the same interest prevailed as she grew older. When she was eleven, like all other witches, she attended Hogwarts and was sorted into the house of Hufflepuff. She hated it. She wanted to create her own house. A house of which the colors were pink and purple, the crest was an unicorn, and the requirements for being accepted into it was being beautiful and glamorous, which she was. She completely abhorred the school uniforms and got into trouble several times for charming them (her own and other students' against their will). She once nearly killed the entire House of Slytherin for attempting to Charm their stand during a Quidditch match. During Hogwarts, she excelled in Charms and maintained decent grades in other subjects. Her OWLs aren't very impressive, but her NEWTs grades improved significantly.

After Hogwarts, Poppy began working as a secretary for Augustus Draupnir in his, at the time small, business: Draupnir's Dingy Diddly Doodads. Draupnir is an inventor of magical gadgets and at the time he was just starting his business. A few years later, as the business grew, Poppy was promoted to Inventor Analyst. However, when Draupnir discovery her beautiful Charm work he hired her as a Co-Inventor and the both of them worked together on various inventions.

Poppy applied for a job at the Ministry after seeing Lord Borr's picture on the papers and falling in love with him. When Borr was taken down with the rest of the Cult of Walpurgis, Poppy quit her job. She hates working and she no longer had Borr to impress.

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