Pounce Stink is also known as DungPatch, PooPoo, Teacher's Pest, Stinky Poop. Although originally native to and located only in the Mediterranean, Pounce Stink can now be found world-wide.


Pounce Stink grows upon the surface of the water and in the Mediterranean resembles a 8- to 10-foot mess of tangled hemp rope. The colour of the rope-like tendrils, both wet and dry, is dark purple. At the ends of the tendrils are clusters that appear roughly like clusters of grapes. These 'grape-like' fruit are red and/or yellow in colour.


There are no known cautions for Pounce Stink (except the recommendation that anyone in contact with it know a good scouring charm). It is rated 2.

Care Of

Pounce Stink must be one of the easiest water plants to cultivate. It will grow in both sea and fresh water. Pounce Stink will accomodate itself to living in a very small bucket or spreading out upon a large pond, as well as growing vigorously in the colder Northern (and Southern) waters of the North and South Pole. Just provide water, it will do the rest. No one knows what it feeds upon; it has been noticed, though, that the more sunlight is available, the larger it will grow.
Be aware that if you grow it in a pond, or other place which contains fish, frogs, snakes or other water creatures, that they will devour it with great enthusiasm.

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