Among the strangest varieties of flesh-eating trees lurks our next predator. The Pouncing Palm is an unusual hunter. It usually strikes its prey in broad daylight, and almost always moves less than 12 inches to do so.
The Pouncing Palm grows in tropical and some desert climates. It prefers to have water sources nearby, so it is rarely found in deserts unless located near some sort of oasis. These trees grow to about 50 feet tall. They enjoy swaying in tropical breezes, so you will often spot them around luxury hotels and well populated beaches.


These flesh-eating trees only feed on magical beings, so Muggles are still unaware of their ulterior motive of feasting on witches, wizards and other magical creatures. Many times Muggles unknowingly help Pouncing Palms to set up wizard catching traps.
The Pouncing Palm will set itself up on a gorgeous tropical beach, where a Muggles might be known to hang an innocent looking hammock. A weary travelling wizard might see the hammock and try to rest. That is when the Pouncing Palm jumps roots first onto the victim and devours them without a trace left behind. This all happens in a matter of seconds. The Pouncing Palm is actually the fastest moving flesh-eating tree, though it is limited to only short bursts of speed. These trees somehow enchant the local area, so that no Muggle has ever witnessed an attack.
Many wizards have also fallen victim to this tree by simply sitting against it to get a bit of shade. The tree will strike at lightning quick speeds with little or no reaction ever coming from its prey. Though these trees look very similar to their Muggle counterparts, the Pouncing Palm has a distinct red stripe running down the middle of each palm. You can see these stripes from quite a distance as the red is a very bright shade. These trees also seem to prefer standing alone or in groups of two or less. If you happen to see a palm tree in the middle of a sandy area standing by itself, be cautious. This might just be a trap waiting for you.

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