This toadstool derives its name from the shape of its cap and a special hidden surprise waiting inside.


The Powdered Princess is one of the largest types of toadstools. It can grow up to two feet tall and as wide as three feet around. This is one of the more recognizable toadstools as the shape of the cap is actually a crown. Yes, that is right, it is shaped just like a crown a king, queen or even a "princess" might wear.


Powdered Princess is rated 3, useful with no dangerous qualities.


Harvesting the Powdered Princess might be a bit more work than you expect. The stems can get quite tough especially on the larger sized toadstools. Just be sure to bring your wand or another set of hands to help you pry this treasure from the earth. This toadstool is usually found growing in either shades of pale pink or lavender. Though it is becoming rare to find these unless they are grown in specialty greenhouses, or hidden away in the deepest parts of enchanted forests. They favour dark damp though relatively warm conditions.


The other half of the name is from the powder which is hidden inside the toadstool. To harvest this extremely useful powder you have to gently remove the cap from the stem and there between the two layers will be the very precious powder. This powder can be used in many ways, but the most popular usage is for fabric dyes. This powder creates some of the most brilliant shades of purple and pinks in the world. The dye also holds a bit of protective energy. Many wizarding robes and quidditch robes are made with dyes using this very powder.

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