Prayer Flower is also known as Kedavra Nigra, Beautiful Sea Flower, Rainbow of the Night, Instant Death and Frothy Lace. Fortunately, it is only found where the waters of the Atlantic Ocean mingle with that of the Mediterranean, at depths of 20 to 50 feet. It is a very deadly omnivorous plant, which means it can feed on any flesh when available to it.


Prayer Flower is one of the most outrageously beautiful plants ever found, either underwater or above ground. It ranges from 1 to 3 feet high and grows in colonies of 30 to 40 plants. The plant has tenuous roots that prefer to be shallowly rooted; it can be uprooted in a strong current (as in a storm) and swept along to another location where it can then reroot itself and colonize another patch of 30 to 40 plants.
The fragile appearing leaves appear on 4 to 5 main upright limbs and have a distinctly lacey appearance. The colours of this plant vary from the palest gold to the darkest plum (all the colours of the rainbow), and all colours will often be on the same plant. A colony of Prayer Flower is entrancing to behold.


If you see this plant, get away from it as quickly as possible. Prayer Flower is rated 10, and the common name is given to it because of a warped sense of humour by a wizard who said you better say your prayers if you are swimming close to it, in case the current sweeps you into its range.

Care Of

It is not known if anyone has succeeded in growing Prayer Flower out of its native environment.


The most common use of Prayer Flower has been put to is its lethal effect. The colonies are so very gorgeous to behold that many wizards, witches and/or Muggles have strayed too close and expired. If a person is unaware of their danger and/or unaware of the identity of the plant, it is relatively easy for someone to tempt another to "go see this beautiful sea anemone" and say that they have to get really close in order to properly appreciate it.
All colonies of Prayer Flower have been mapped and are rendered unplottable. Muggle-Repelling charms have been put on all known locations. Unfortunately, due to the ability of Prayer Flower to recolonise, sometimes new colonies appear and are not spotted in time to prevent further deaths.

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