Puffskeins are naturally happy creatures, given their squealing as they bounce around. They are easily distracted however and have the tendency to get large whilst maintain their enthusiastic and bouncing behavior.

They are commonly described as a soft spherical-shaped furred scavenger that eats anything from leftovers to wizards' bogeys. Because of this Puffskeins have been likened to being a garbage bin, with their intake and not being as discriminatory with their choice of food. With the exception of Pygmy Puffs, other versions of Puffskeins have been outlawed due to the 1965 Ban on Experimental Breeding.

As obedient as Puffskeins can be towards their owners, they do have a mind of their own and often need the extra push to do what is needed when all they want to do is eat and relax. To maintain their weight a simple tickle or stunning charm is used, though leaves messy results. The Animalis Fidelis charm is used instead to keep their attention and focus on exercising the weight off.


Care of Magical Creatures: Lesson 2 + Charms: Lesson 3; Term 36

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