Cistus purpureus (rockrose)

Do not be fooled by it’s delicate appearance, the Rampant Rockrose is capable of devouring its fair share of animals, both great and small.
The Rampant Rockrose’ are low shrubs and usually reach heights of up to two metres. They prefer warm, drier climates and grow well in poor soils. So watering and fertilising is not an issue. They make great additions to greenhouses, but it is always best to move them out of doors for the summer as they prefer the direct contact with sunlight.

The Rampant Rockrose blossoms throughout spring and summer. They display a vast array of delicate crumpled, paper-thin flowers, ranging from shades of yellows and pinks to pure whites.
They feed all year round, and will feed on anything they can get their roots on. This includes insects, small pests and vermin such as rats and mice as well as garden gnomes and fairies. They will also prey on small and medium sized animals, opting to bury what’s left of their bigger victims beneath the soil to decompose.

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