Ready to Fly


Xenocrates Gisbert



Publication Date

July 17, 2086


Obscurus Books

Published in 2086, Ready to Fly is a fiction novel written by wizard writer Xenocrates Gilbert.


Jonas Butterscotch is a down and out Quidditch scout for the ever-losing Moorly Meerkats. His marriage is on the rocks, his kids curse him bald while he sleeps, and his mother-in-law has decided to move in with the family. Nothing seems to be going right for Butterscotch until he spots an unlikely Quidditch star in the making – Nana Walker, a Muggle grandmother with amazing broom skills and a killer cherry pie recipe. Will Butterscotch risk what little he has left to get Nana and the Meerkats on the pitch? Does he have anything left to lose? Gisbert is being touted as the next K. L. Fielding, exploring themes about what it means to be a wizard and the perils of following your dreams.

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