Ren'Ai Sakura Kirai

Ren'Ai Sakura Kirai was born in Kyoto, Japan, to Ami and Kyo Kirai. She grew up with her two friends, Kyoko and Koudo, and her two cousin, Temari and Tamaki.

When she was ten years old, tragedy struck. Her parents were murdered by two men, leaving her orphaned, and, unknown to her at the time, in the care of one of them.

She was pranked, teased, and taunted mercilessly in Hogwarts, especially by Callum McGuire and his group of 'friends'.

In her fourth year, Ren'Ai slammed (literally) into Callum on her way into the library, and he introduced himself, etc.

But in the following weeks, the pranks and taunts got worse.

But when she was fifteen, she realzed that she had fallen in love with him.

After they graduated, Ren'Ai left to return to Japan to attend a Japanese magic Academy untl she was 20, when she moved back to the country she had called home for seven years.

Miss Kirai is now engaged t Callum, and happier than she ever could be.


Miss Kirai is 6' 0, and has long black hair usually held up in a high ponytail. She has wide, grey eyes, with lavender around the edges of her irises. She can often be seen in a blouse and skirt or slacks at work, and a tee shirt and sweatpants around her house.


Ren'Ai had a two-month relationship Koudo, a boy she had grown up with, when she was eighteen.

She broke up wth him, and two years later, began dating Callum McGuire, with whom she fell in love with when she was fifteen.

They are now engaged.


Ami Kirai (nee Takahashi)-mother, deceased

Kyo Kirai-father, deceased

Temari Takahashi-cousin, female, 24

Tamaki Takahashi-cousin, male, 24

Ume Takahashi (formerly Fujimoto)-aunt

Lee Takahashi-uncle

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