Retrieving Charm



Wand Movements

Points towards belonging, usually performed wandlessly


Unknown, depends on the caster




Retrieves belonging that has been taken away by someone or something else

The Retrieving Charm is used to retrieve casters' belongings that has been taken away by someone or something. This charm was invented by Shori Hayashi throughout his third to sixth years at Hogwarts. The charm is mainly meant to be performed wandlessly as it was invented to retrieve wand confiscated by opponent.


The appearance of this charm was unknown. However, it appeared that the object and owner's hand will be covered by black smoke. As the smoke lifted, the targetted object will return into the owner's hand. However, it should be taken into account that Hayashi was a Dark Wizard which explained the black smoke as it took the similar form of Death Eaters apparating.

Known uses

  • Shori Hayashi used this charm to retrieve his wand which was disarmed and confiscated by Isobel Montague when they duelled at the corner of Knockturn Alley [1].


Regressum is the Latin for come back.

Notes and references

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