Wand Motion





Reverts material to previous form

Revertoscutum was introduced in Defense Against the Dark Arts by Professor Ethan Truebridge during Term 25. This Transfiguration spell is sometimes known as the 'glass to sand' shield, although it can be used on any physical material to return it to a previous state. Specifically, it can be used on magical physical objects. It is not a typical shield in that it blocks things, but it is used to change a thing to create a shield.

The incantation is pronounced Re-ver-toe-skew-tum, and the wand motion is a simple point. The shield spell will always appear blue, although the hue and intensity could change.

During the course of the practical lesson, Truebridge allowed practice on several spells. The results of those spells when met with Revertoscutum are as follows:

  • Incarcerous: Ropes to fibres such as hemp or cotton
  • Orchideous: Flowers to seeds or bulbs (depending on the flowers)
  • Papilio: Butterflies to cocoons or caterpillars
  • Avis: Birds to eggs
  • Glacius: Ice to water

Note that Switching Spells can also be reversed with this spell.

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