During the ungodly hours of January 18, 2055, River Scott Reed was born to Richard and Mitzia Reed. Before his elder brother’s marriage, River was the second and youngest descendant of the Reed patriline. As a child, River enjoyed the outdoors with his siblings. Out of the three Reed children, he was the most active and lover of nature. At a very young age, River has travelled near and far with his family, strengthening his love for nature and the outdoors, and people in general.

On the summer of his 11th birthday, River, like his older siblings, received his acceptance letter from Hogwarts and was sorted into the same house as his older brother and father; Ravenclaw. River enjoyed his school years in Hogwarts, and was quick to have a good command in Charms, Magical Creatures, Defence, Herbology, Transfiguration, and Potion. Born as an explorer, River ventured towards a more challenging academe by transferring to Castelobruxo in Brazil. There, he managed to excel in Herbology and Potion, and eventually discovered his vocation in Healing.

After his secondary education, he went back to the UK to take up Pre-Healer and Healer Studies, with a Minor in Veterinary Medicine—a childhood dream fulfilled. During this time, he applied for the Morgenstern Trust Fund, which eventually led him to work for the Morgenstern Family after graduation. While he took his Master’s Degree in Infectious Disease, he took up his formal internship at St. Mungo’s. After a couple of years, he was transferred to work at the Janus Thickey ward. River did not last long, given that the environment was too cramped for him, and that his specialty was proven useless. He petitioned to be transferred elsewhere, and landed a job at the Department of Diagnostic Medicine as a Senior Healer. There, he was able to exercise his specialty with the rest of his fellow colleagues, treating and diagnosing bizarre cases.

Politics happened at St. Mungo’s forcing River to quit his job at the Diagnostics Department for good. Upon meeting old friends from Brazil, he was offered a position in his former school and stayed as the resident healer for three years. Due to his father’s illness, River was summoned back to help and treat the ailing Reed patriarch. While he stayed in the UK, he also offered his services to his former boss, Mr. Albert Morgenstern and was eventually referred to another prominent family, the Mordaunts. 

Although working as a private healer for prominent families, River was not content with it. Soon enough, he found himself packing his trunk once more hoping that Castelobruxo would accept him back as the school’s healer. However, on the night of his departure, he received a letter from Hogwarts, offering him the same position. Without a moment’s hesitation, he made a U-turn and headed for Scotland. 

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