Rope changing spell


Cordage Creatus

Wand Movement

two loose circles




transfigures shoelace and such to a thick rope

Professor Kingsley taught the rope conjuring spell in a transfiguration class, term 26 in Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardy school. "Hammer and nails is one way to bind things together, but another is rope. If you can transfigure a shoelace or a piece of string into sturdy, thick rope, you can manage any number of things, including creating shelter with nothing more than a blanket and some trees to tie the rope between." -- Professor Kingsley.


This spell changes any kind of thin, short thread into long thick sturdy rope.


Difference between Cordage Creatus and Incarcerous:
"Incarcerous conjures ropes that constrict something. The intention there is to tie a target up, not create rope that you can use for any number of other things, though if you miss your target, you'll just get a pile of rope." -- Professor Kingsley.

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