In the cold, unforgiving Northern terrain of the Asian continent there lies, dormant in the snow, a type of fungi so rare and delectable that Muggles and magical folk alike have come into deadly conflict ever since its discovery in the late tenth century. This delicacy, dubbed the Russian Ragtag, is a curious piece of work. It is extremely hard to find and can be sold into certain hands for over one thousand galleons a pound. There have been no dangerous side effects reported and it remains one of the most prized fungi in history.


Its narrow stalk, usually ranging from five to seven inches long, and the characteristic teal stripes that make this fungus look like the Muggle candy cane, can identify the Russian Ragtag. The fungus is mostly pure white in colour and sports a narrow, thimble-sized cap. The colour of the cap matches the fungus’s surroundings, giving it a natural camouflage to hide it from magical animals like the Herbridius Hedgehog.


Russian Ragtag is rated 4, useful but may have some unpleasant side effects. Because of the nature of this toadstool it should be used very sparingly.


The Russian Ragtags roots give this fungus its name. Its roots spread in a random pattern in a twenty-foot wide circle; the entirety of its root system can be graphed into a triangle shaped pattern. But what makes this fungus truly unique is that the roots have this ripped quality to them that causes them to expand in moisture and harden during drought. The roots are hidden deep underground and feed the toadstool its nutrients from the energy of the Earth.


The Russian Ragtag is known for its taste, and is used in high end cuisine. Though it also has a more practical use, the Russian Ragtag is known to create a very powerful and elusive colour changing potion. Like the Shimmer Shroom and the Disillusionment Charm the Russian Ragtag has the ability to provide those who ingest it with the ability to blend in with their environment, like a chameleon. In the late sixteenth century a wizard whom we now know as Godfrey the Gregarious used too much of this potent toadstool in his colour changing potion. As a result of this blunder, Godfrey went unseen for no less than five years, camouflaged with his surroundings. Despite this, Godfrey decided to test the effects of the Russian Ragtag a second time, vanishing from sight for a further four years.

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