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Sammy, Age 17

"Some people are like clouds, it's a beautiful day once they leave"

Samantha Joan Star (more commonly known as Sammy) first blessed the world with her loud voice on Valentine's day (14th Feb) of 2060 at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital of Sydney, Australia. She's entered her seventh and final year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the yellow badger house, Hufflepuff, and is now hoping to find a way that will let her stay at Hoogwarts for longer than the time she has left to stay. At the moment her tactic is: suck up to every form of authority to try and make them like her enough so they want her to stay.

Early Life

14 (1)

Samantha at 6 (and Mac)

{C}The odd thing about the first few years of Samantha's life was that she was kidnapped by her psychopath of an Aunt just before her first birthday and taken to England, where she was but up for adoptions for reasons still unknown to this day. But soon enough she was introduced to the Mecan family and they became her family. She had two older sisters (Gabrielle and Susan) and an older brother (Ben), when she turned 7 she recieved yet another sibling by the name of Annie, this sibling she became particularly attached to for she became a big sister and had to protect the one younger than her.

All throughtout her years of living with the Mecan's she never questioned the fact the she was the only blonde in the family apart from her Aunt who was not a natural blonde like herself. Why would she question it? To her she had the best family she could ever wish for. She grew up on a farm and her mother owned a small pet store in the city, all the kids got to help out at the store but it was mainly her because Gabrielle and Susan were in school and Ben was about to start school by the time Sammy could actually help out at the store. On her fourth birthday she recieved, in her eyes, the best birthday present ever. She was allowed to go into the store, pick any animal she wanted and have it for her to look after by herself. She picked the small shaggy puppy who she soon called Mac, a shortened version of her brother's suggestion, Macaroni (Ben's all time favourite food). Within two years the small puppy grew to the size of a young shetland pony and became a very faithful and well behaved dog, particularly to Samantha. Though by this time Sammy was excited about more than just her Mac, she was off to kindergarten like a big girl so no one could call her little anymore. But on Boxing day disaster struck, they were told that Mac was in the late stagies of abdominal cancer and probably wouldn't make it to Easter the next year. At that point Sammy became attached to Mac, she wouldn't let him out of her sight whilst at home. But soon enough the predicted happened, Mac died on the 10th of March 2067, in his sleep, lying next to Sammy. By the time Sammy awoke the next morning her father had taken him away. She was distraught and had to do once a week sessions of councelling for four months.

The thing that really made her recovery was the birth of her baby sister, Annie. She felt she had to be strong her her little sister, she had to be everything a big sister should be. Even her best friend Elle Pendragon told her that she was acting really old because of it. Sammy was never without friends at her primary school, she always tried to get along with everyone, even the teachers occasionally. When she turned 9 she was allowed to invite a couple of her friends to a birthday party at the Italian resturaunt by the name of Tavola, this was the birth place of her love for pasta. And since it was her birthday, she ate quite a lot of it.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

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First Year

First Year

When Samantha's little sister came running into her room yelling about an owl who had left her a letter, she was absolutely convinced that her sister was crazy. And not the good kind. Well at least until she went down stairs for breakfast, Annie had been right, there was a letter sitting on the table adressed to her and her mother cleaning something rather gross smelling off the kitchen bench whilst muttering something along the lines of "stupid owl". After reading the letter multiple times, and then ever so smartly telling her mother what it said, did her mother call her sister who made her way over there within the hour. See, her aunt was also a witch, a muggleborn one which she explained later. And within three days Sammy was travelling on a train to London with her Aunt to go to Diagon Alley. This is where she got her brilliant cat, Moggy. She had been looking for an owl but after seeing, as she described it, "the kitty cat's ickle face and all its adorableness" she couldn't chose an owl over it.

Still believing she was related to the Mecan's Sammy started her first of seven years at Hogwarts. For the first few weeks there she had her new friend and fellow Hufflepuff, Amelia Samson, pinch her at least once a day so she knew she wasn't dreaming. She made quite a few friends that year but only a couple of them she kept in contact with over her next few years. About half way through the year she became slightly interested in something everyone in her family had told her about at least once, and in her father and brother's case warned her about. Boys. Now Sammy wasn't particularly girly this year, infact she liked to think herself a bit of a tomboy (we've all been through a stage like that, don't deny it), but it was simply not true. Main reason being, she got a boyfriend. Jay Sinyos. Now being the rather oblivious and un-informed girl she was, only after she had agreed to go out with Jay did she discover that her best friend (Amelia) had already gone out with him and, well, things had not ended particularly well for them. But Sammy put her trust in Jay and Amy ignored him completely and told Sammy that he was trouble before fainting due to low blood pressure, then waking up and running off with another friend.

Disaster struck at home though. Her little baby sister, her precious Annie had gone missing, leaving only one scrap of evidence behind. Her favourite beanie, covered in dirt by the edge of the playground. It took them five weeks to find her, roaming around outside a mall in the city looking like a girl from the dumps. Annie was mentally effected by whatever happened (she refused to tell what happened), and was confirmed to have paranoia at only five years of age.


Sammy in her Yule Ball outfit

{C}They also had a ball that year which was nice for about the first five minutes. They were able to bring guest to that ball, Sammy brought Annie and Jay brought his Aunt. She wasn't particularly happy for two reasons, a) there was no pasta b) Jay had refused to dance with her. Sure he didn't like crowds, but she kept her mouth shut though she was rather upset by it. So she ended up spending the majority of the night down at the lake with her sister (Annie) and Amy, which consisted of a lot of ridiculous ballroom dancing and calling each other Mr Darcy. Sammy and Amy became particularly close on that night because they also spent quite a bit of time complaining about Jay. Awful lot of fun really.

{C}At the end of the year she managed to catch herself a rather bad case of the flu. Which was horrible because her house was celebrating something, goodness knows what, Hufflepuffs celebrate when they get food. She was told not to dampen the mood and to go outside if she was going to be sick, luckily enough Amy (Amelia) was nice enough to come with her and got her a glass of water. Which didn't too much use considering that Sammy soon fainted with the glass in her hand, managing to break right her arm and cut the left of her forehead. Really useful.

During the start of the summer holidays, Sammy and Amy took many trips to Diagon Alley because of Amy's brother, apparently he wasn't too well and Sammy wanted to help keep her mind off it so ice cream was the source of distraction, particularly when they both got a Bertie Botts flavour.


Second Year

Second Year

Now this was probably one of the weirdest years for Sammy (so far) due to something that happened even before she was at school. She met an enchanted mirror in Diagon Alley. Not really. Just someone that looked an awful lot like her, just a little bit shorter and by the name of Katelyn Star. After a bit of talking and bit of usage of the lovely invention called the cell phone, they discovered that they were, in fact, related. Long lost sisters. Which was very weird for Sammy. So she turned to someone she personally thought she could trust, her boyfriend. Who in all honesty didn't seem to give a hippogriff. That's when things got a little unsteady for them, well, for Sammy anyway. So, she had a talk with her parents, who agreed that if she wanted to she could go live with her real family, which Sammy thought would be best for her though she did think she was a little too young to be making these decisions on her own. And thus became Samantha Star. Luckily enough, her new- or should I say "proper" -family took her in with a big heart. She and her sister got along rather well and Sammy was delighted to know that she was the oldest sibling, made her feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Even though she felt all warm and fuzzy about being the oldest sister, she felt out of place at the Star's house and she felt unwanted at the Mecan's, apart from Annie who had basically clung to her leg until her mother dragged her away from the car that was about to take Sammy to her new "home". So she was very relieved by the time she got to Howarts because that was the place she felt was worthy of the title "home". Of course there were those who helped her feel a lot better about everything, her cat (Moggy), her best friend (Amy), her old fart of a friend (Emmy Frost) and her sister (Katelyn). Now with all this help she decided to start again, she was a Star now, not a Mecan.

Her first act as a Star was attempting to go off at a fifth year who had upset her Emmy (Emelia Frost). No one had a right to upset sweet Emmy, not if Sammy had anything to say about it anyway. Unless they were jealous of how awesome she was and how nice she was. So she had thought for a while about throwing a tomato at him but decided on a stink bomb instead. She found the person (apparently his name was Ling) and did some super sneaky thinking to get him talking to her, she said there had been a parcel in the owlery for someone in his house that she didn't know, she took the "I'm innocent and little so please help me" approach. It didn't work, he suspected Emmy had something to do with it. She ended up retreating throwing the stink bomb at him, but unfortunately he just deflected it and it made her stink, so she had to walk all the way back to the dorms to have a shower and get rid of the smell.

With her relationship with Jay growing weaker and weaker by the day she decided that it was time for her first puppy romance to come to an end. Jay seemed okay with it, but he ended up leaving school about a week later so Sammy wasn't so sure but he wasn't there anymore so whatever. Not her problem.

Sammy's Costume (not the model)

There was also another ball this year, but this one was a lot more fun than the last. It was a Halloween party. Sammy had a lot of hard decision making to do that year, Tiger Lily from Peter Pan, Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, or the TARDIS. After about a week she finally settled on Tiger Lily because she thought that would be both the most fun and the easiest to organise. She managed to glue feathers to her hand when she was making the headdress, she got into trouble for leaving them there and then going to class. Trouble off Amy that is.

Near the end of the school she found out something absolutely HORRIBLE. Her Pizza!Buddeh (Amy) was leaving her! So she definitely made the most of the time she had left with her greatest friend before she left for the fancy performing arts school of fanciness and no-sammy-ness. At the end of that year she and Amy feasted on the last night down in the kitchens, requesting that the House Elves make them an Italian feast for the lovers of pizza and pasta.

At the beginning of the summer she had a Doctor Who marathon with her cat. It was nice. It went over a couple of days, first day in the living room, the others in the spare bedroom that has a tv because no one else wanted to watch it with her and was sick of her yelling the theme song at the top of her lungs every 45 minutes.


Third Year

Third Year

That summer was probably the most interesting for Sammy because for someone reason her sister had decided to throw a party and invite basically everyone she knew. Sammy was pretty sure some people she didn't know. So not only had Sammy gotten to meet some of Katie's friends, she also got meet her "enemy", Adam (who was ironically a Gryffindor) and made a few friends of her own, always nice when things work out. Although she probably scared a couple of people when Annie came over and started screaming so had to be sent home five minutes later but EH. What's life if you don't creep people out every now and again? Anyway, after that she just majorly became a hog of the TV because Doctor Who was gonna be on that night and she had her popcorn ready for it, she wasn't missing the previews, ads, or anything. Also apparently Katie started dating the love of her life, silly 12 year old.

This was a rather unusual year for Sammy, though her second still felt weirder at the start. Her father was not there to drop her sister and herself off at King's Cross, which to Katie was worrying but to Sammy it was "probably had work, gotta go find a cabin bye" and running intot the train with Moggy trailing after her. Now this was proably the most interesting train ride she'd had so far, THERE WAS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR SAMMY TO BE A PROTECTIVE BIG SISTER TO KATIE! Finally. Katie lost her cat in front of her enemy's cabin and apparently the cat was all hissy and such. So it was Super Sammy and Sidekick Mog to the rescue. She managed to find the cat before it got trodden on and returned her safely to the arms of her dead-worried sister. Who then continued to finally tell her what had happened between her and Adam, then Sammy made a plan to throw a pie in his face. But later htat year she actually meet him face to face and he liked Doctor Who, so she couldn't do it so she didn't tell her sister because she's a fearless rebel.

This was the year became the loudest Hufflepuff of them all. It was also the year she meet Miss French Isobel Vonhue, who was into Quidditch and Katie had managed to get on the Slytherin team so she thought she ought to turn up and show some house/sisterly pride. So she was really loud about it and basically every time she cheered for Hufflepuff, they won so it must of worked.

Now about half way through the year disaster struck yet again for the blonde, for she recieved dreadful news form her mother. Her real father, and adoptive family (excluding Annie) had been killed, and not just killed, they had been murdered. So she was pretty damn upset about it, but with the help of her sister she stayed strong and managed to make it through without having to big of a break down. Around this time also, Sammy started getting occasional doses of amnesia, with no pattern and no explanation (at the time, at least). According to my sources, she almost seemed possessed by that evil aunt we mentioned in Early Life for about five or so minutes before returning big to normal with a headache and not remembering any of it. Katie also became rather ill throught the year.
IMG 7588

Sammy's costume

This year there was also a lovely Tea Party she attened. This was also costumed, you were supposed to be dressed in either Medievil or Victorian dress, Sammy thought she'd go with Victorian and decided that she dress as Antoinette Poisson (whom she learnt about from Doctor Who) but a 13 year old version so then she could make plenty of references such as "the Fireplace Man" and "The Doctor is worth the monsters". Whilst at the tea party she met someone dressed as a teapot, whom she continued to dance to "I'm a Little Teapot" with. A lot of people gave them odd looks, mainly the prefects who were trying to keep everything under control. The head girl at the time also thought they were a little bit odd.

On the train ride home, Sammy managed to lock herself in the bathroom for 3 hours. It's a talent. But on the way home from the station she and her little sister were kidnapped by that evil aunt of theirs.


Fourth Year

Fourth Year

For the majority of this year she was in an undisclosed place with her crazy Aunt and sister. She doesn't remember anything that had happened there, for her mother had requested that the experience be removed from their memories and so it was and Sammy honestly did want to know what had happened, so she left at that and her excuse to everyone besides Amy was that her mother had decided to tutor her sister and herself at home but Sammy hadn't liked it so she came back to Hogwarts whilst her sister remained at home for the rest of the year.

There was a couple of different reactions to her return, for example Amy's was yelling "OHMYGAWD ASLAN?!" then yelling and screaming, whilst on the other hand Isobel had poked her and asked if she was a zombie. She also discovered that Moggy was a useless hench-cat when it came to seeing if the area was safe.

This year she also sort of made friends with a wee little firstie called Nesie Dixon, who thought she ate too much, which did end up throwing her into a self concious state. Where she was grumpy and read her crappy-mood book, Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Patterson. Amy detected something was up and after finding out what Nessie had done she reassured Sammy that she was like a stick, then hunted Nessie down and went off at her. Which made Sammy feel a bit guilty but better all the same.

So her love of food continued, only slightly changed. She started to try and figure out how much was "enough", which in all honesty, was still about twice as much as anyone else in her year. She discovered how much she loved food that year, more than she loved people. Almost more than her cat. Almost. Her cat also discovered his love of food, he was now an overweight kitty cat.

DenverShoot 05

Fifth Year

Fifth Year

Sammy's summer was probably the most enjoyable she'd had during the years she'd gone to Hogwarts. A wizarding carnival had rolled itself into town which was and I quote Miss Sammy on this matter "BLOODY AWESOME!", she thought it was absolutely brilliant and spent most of her days at the fair with Amy shoveling in fairy floss and other sorts of goodies that would rot her teeth. She also spent part of a day with Nessie who managed to apologize for the trouble she had caused at the end of last term, Sammy said it was fine and even shared her fairy floss with her (which is a massive deal with Sammy), mainly so she could go on some more rides sooner. So throughout her time at the fair she also met some fairly good looking guys, Amy claims that she drooled over them, though one of them she got along with a bit better than the others .... partially 'cause he looked like a retarded poodle with his stupid curly hair. She had been standing outside the Hogwarts Jumping Castle, she'd been there for at least five minutes looking at it longingly and he asked what she was doing. She had been scared of getting lost in there because she didn't usually go around Hogwarts without someone else so he had said that he'd go with if she liked. Turned out this idiot's name was Everett Sutherland and he was transferring to Hogwarts, more importantly he was going to be in Sammy's year.

Most of the year was pretty normal for Sammy, apart from the fact homework seemed a LOT harder and studying was done almost always. Which was weird, like, really weird. Sammy didn't do studying, it was just wrong in a whole other demension. She and Amy just chilled most of the time, but one disaterous thing did happen upon her return to Hogwarts, it was the morning after the Opening Feast Sammy was hungry and brekfast had already been cleared away so she did what she would usually do, go to the kitchens and eat. Except when she got there, not only were a bunch of firsties in her way trying to figure out how to get in but there was a sign on the door from the house elves "No Stundentsies". Sammy freaked out, and soon enough she was joined by Amy ... who also freaked out, then a firstie called 'em crazy and they started plotting their way to break into the kitchen,


Sammy's koala costume

it didn't get very far because they got distracted by something or other.

There was also the Around the World event which was pretty exciting. She didn't participate in any of it except for the party, but Sammy never missed a party at Hogwarts, except perhaps her own. The most exciting thing about the party was that she got to dress up in something that had something to do with her heritage. Being an Australian born baby she decieded to go with Australia as her country of heritage even if she only lived there for one year of her life and dressed as a koala. And if she got in a bad mood she was a drop bear. She only stayed for a little while, tried pretty much all the foods then left because she couldn't find anyone she knew and people were giving her funny looks because of her AWESOME costume.

It wasn't until around her birthday that the real drama started. So Amy and Everett were completely and utterly in love with each other but they both refused to admit it (like Jane Eyre and Mr Rochester style, real subtle) and Sammy seemed to be the only one in the entire freaking universe able to see it, furthermore Evmy (Everett/Amy) became her real life OTP, which she told them on countless occasions and it never truly ceased to annoy the crap out of them. Now when Everett got the ever-so-brilliant idea to try and make Amy jealous by singing to Sammy, that's when all hell broke lose. Sammy was never afriad of her friends, particularly Amy, but she was ready to run to China because that's how terrifying it was and Sammy doesn't even like Chinese food all that much. When Everett sung to her, Amy smashed his guitar and there was a lot of yelling and Sammy didn't kno what was going on and decided she really need a pensieve, also Amy destroyed her crappy-mood book "Bridge to Terabithia" which was just unacceptable. ALL ON SAMMY'S BIRTHDAY (i.e Valentine's Day, probably the worst one so far in the history of crappy valentine's days). Fortunetly Amy and Sammy couldn't stay angry at each other for long and were soon snacking on goodies that Sammy had picked up from Hogsmede earlier in her efforts to avoid both Everett and Amy. BUT, then again there was yelling. Though this time from Sammy because Amy was the biggest idiot to walk the face of the earth. So whilst Sammy had been pretty much picking out names that Everett and Amy could name their children Amy had done the ever-so-clever thing and not only kissed someone else but had started dating them in an attempt to get revenege on Everett and the person used to get revenege was Everett's friend. Amy claimed that she genuinely fancied the guy but Sammy refused to believe it. So without a plan Sammy decided to go down to the Whomping Willow to make her feel better. Somehow. IT'S A MOVING TREE, WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE? And down there, Everett decided that he wanted to talk to her and it wasn't about picking out baby names or how to win over Amy's heart. {C}But he did want to apologise so that was pretty cool as well. But she wanted him to be completely honest with her which wasn't all too much to ask considering he had used her to make her best friend jealous. Though he wasn't up for that, when she asked him why out of all the girl's in the school he had used her to make Amy jealous and he just used Amy's excuse and said that he wasn't thinking. When she tried to make him admit he fancied Amy, he denied it which was not a good move. They started insuting each other and eventually just stormed away from each in a rage. Sammy went off to the library to study considering that OWLs were drawing nearer and nearer every day and goodness knows where Everett disappeared to but she didn't see him for the rest of her fifth year.

Now the train ride home had been rather odd. She had just been wandering along the train when she found a bunch of Whovians and they had a lovely chat and confused Isobel like nothing else but that wasn't the odd part. The odd part was once she thought she had seen a disgusting rat on the train and ran to find Amy, when she found her she was sitting with another boy, one she didn't know but he looked familiar. Though when she first entered the cabin she didn't care who he was just as long as she was with Amy and was protected from the grotty rat. The boy seemed to know Sammy and soon enough told her that her cat would've kept any rat away. And by the end of the trip she still didn't know who he was, it wasn't until she was at home and had started unpacking did something click in her head. It had been Jay. Jay Sinyos. HAWKWARD

Sixth Year


Sixth Year

So this summer wasn't exactly the most eventful. Sammy had spent the first few weeks avoiding any general thought of OWL results whether it was by annoying everyone by singing Disney songs inappropriately loudly or spamming Everett on tumblr with "Kiss the Girl" lyrics form Disney's "The Little Mermaid" or even visiting her famfam. But for some reason a week before the results were due to arrive, she panicked. Big time. Within minutes she was rocking herself on her bed waiting for someone in the Samson household to pick up the damn phone. When someone FINALLY picked it up she was greeted by the voice of Amy's adopted sister, Hope. Then Sammy was interrupting Amy's shower so she could talk to someone who understood the kind of breakdown she was having but Amy was a grumpy-bum for not being able to finish her shower, which was fair enough. The two Hufflepuffs called each other daily from that point either discussing how they think other people in their year had gone or avoiding the topic completely and talking about nice things such as Doctor Who, Narnia, Merlin so and so forth. When the day finally came that they got their results they both chickened out of opening them in front of their families and met in Hyde Park to open them together instead. It took about half an hour because neither of them wanted to open their own and they ended swapping letters and looking at the other's results before their own.

Soon enough she and Amy were chilling on the train again. Unlike the last time they had been on the train Jay was no where to be found. Something Sammy was very happy about. Something Amy wasn't excited about was how much she talked about how adorable she would be with Ev, Amy ended up throwing a book at her. THe feast was all normal and such. The first interesting event of the year started when she was bored and avoiding homework and Amy/Jack snogging sessions and she had just been chilling in the common room looking for a distraction when a first year started trying some magic on another kid, which ended with the kid having magic used on him vomiting candy and basically everyone else was freaking out. Sammy swore at least three firsties were considering eating the candy and then Sammy took over. Being the eldest there by at least two years she quickly got the kid throwing up candy a bucket and took him to the Hospital Wing. Discovered that the kid's name was Oakey, tried not too laugh at the third year's dramatic love lives that belong on an episode of East Enders and also discovered the healer is super scary and ran away super quickly once she knew the Oakey kid was taken care of.

After that it was quiet for a while. She studied with Amy and left making gagging sounds when Jack joined them. She complained about homework. She talked to people on tumblr, mainly Adam Burn and some kid called Tag, which was fun and she got a little more in-touch with the muggle world than she had previously been. She also continued to spam Everett because she had no legitimate plan on how to break up Amy and Jack and get Evmy together without Amy going all mad-crazy-woman on her. One time she tried to buy Everett an eyepatch (part of a very long conversation) with her sister's owl but couldn't because she couldn't find her sister's owl but ended up having a very nice chat with Adam. Yeah, she has no idea what her sister had been going on about way back in third year about Adam being evil and stuffs. So really it was all fairly bland until the Jacmy (Jack/Amy) fight came along. Now, honestly, Sammy had nothing against the guy until this happened, she just wanted Evmy to be together. So after comforting Amy into a sustainable state Sammy left her with all the Narnia books and a platter of cookies freshly made by the house elves and went after Jack. No one was allowed to put her best friend in such a state EXCEPT Moffat. Because if it's Moffat they can deal with it together, but this was beyond the valley of unacceptable. It was the Mordor of unacceptable. So basically Sammy went off at Jack (who was a lot bigger than her so it probably looked really funny) and there was a lot of yelling and pointing. Then apparently he told Amy that she better watch out for Sammy or something because he wouldn't be responsible for his actions which annoyed Sammy to no end because she thinks she's super tough but really she can do about as much damage as a fly.

After that she went quiet again, Amy and Jack were still wibbly wobbly so Sammy spent most of her time with Amy trying to keep her mind on other things, which really wasn't all that hard. All she really needed was Sherlock, Doctor Who and Narnia. Unfortunately though, abotu two weeks before the train would leave Hogsmede station, so right in the middle of exams and such and Sammy found herself on the end on some spell. And what did this spell do you ask? Well it turned her hair into a frizz ball. Basically. AND THEN HUFFFLEPUFF WON EVERYTHING! YAY! And there was a nice party thing, where Sammy met someone called Evelyn, who was super nice and they talked for quite some time.

The train ride home was fairly uneventful, she and Amy snoozed and read books and talked about tv shows and such, 'twas nice. She also sat with Evelyn for quite a bit of the ride.

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Seventh Year

Seventh Year

For the first time Sammy actually had most of her summer planned ahead of her. Half of it was just what was generally planned: marathons with Amy and Everett and anyone else who was up for a marathon and the other half was spent with her family who was visiting from Australia. Amongst these visitors was Sammy's two year old godson, Max. Whom she adored. Mainly because everyone thought that she wasn't responsible enough to be a godmother but she liked to think that she proved them wrong

Exam Results

Ordinary Wizarding Levels - Fifth Year

Charms = Acceptable (A)

Defense Against the Dark Arts = Exceeds Expectations (E)

History of Magic = Exceeds Expectations (E)

Potions = Exceeds Expectations (E)


Sammy is just loud. In both her voice and her attitude. If she sees something she doesn't like, you're gonna know , if she sees something she likes, you're also gonna know, and if she misses the ice cream van, you're gonna wish you knew why she was lying on the driveway saying "Baby come back" in a very dramatic way. She's friendly but most of the time doesn't realise if she's being rude, see she's not the sharpest tool in the shed. She can be quite violent if she's angry, so after watching an episode of Doctor Who it's best just to leave her alone to watch it five more times then be in a rage against Steven Moffat (writer of Doctor Who). With all this in mind she is a very protective friend. She'd pretty much give her own life for a friend. She doesn't particularly understand sarcasm so it's really hard having a very sarcastic Slytherin friend (Everett Sutherland) and a somewhat but not as sarcastic Slytherin sister (Katelyn Star). She loves her books, any type of books she'll probably love it though recently she's been getting into the classics, her Doctor Who, her Disney and her friends and family. Get between her and any of these things and you'll have one mad blondo on your hands who doesn't take no for an answer. She likes to think she's really good at giving advice but she's not all that good unless it comes to her bestical's (Amy Samson) love life, note Amy never follows her advice, or suggesting Doctor Who episodes.

Also she's super good at procrastinating but give her food and she'll do stuff. Probably. When in doubt feed Sammy pasta.


Sammy stands at fairly reasonable height of 5'4" with a very slim figure that almost refuses to gain weight no matter how much she eats. Which, in all fairness, she has no problem with. She can eat tons and hardly gain a thing due her fast metabolism that she was born with, everyone thinks she overeats bt if she doesn;t overeat she's just hungry all the time. She has wavy blonde hair that now just reaches her elbows without being sraightened (she doesn't like straightening her hair though, makes it like weird) she used to tie her hair up all the time because it was at the length that it would just constently be in the way of her day to day routine but now it's usually out because she discovered how fun it is to imitate the people on shampoo commercials. Her eyes tend to be a mix of blue and green depending on the lighting. She's fairly athletic because of the amount of jumping around she does when procrastinating important things like homework. And with all this she's never really cared much about how she looks or what she wears, admittedly she's a lot better at dressing herself nowadays then she had been in the past



Brooklyn Star

Brooklyn Star, Mother

To be frank, Sammy doesn't think herself to be much at all like her mother. Her mother had been raised in a strictly pureblood family and then there was Sammy, raised by muggles and sometimes thought she ought to just be a muggle. Although her mother is kind and loving, and the only time she'd seen her angry was when Sammy's father died and she was lefted widowed. She is kind and enjoys activities such as baking and photography, which is where Sammy's younger sister, Katie, got the habit from.

James Star, Father

Sammy didn't know her father very well at all. He died after she knew him for year. But within that year she had a lot of fun with him. He reminded her of her Mecan brother Ben, so within the year she knew him she was soemwhat more likely to talk to him than her mother. He always seemed to be able to put up with her constant movie/tv show marathons, and her singing Broadway songs obnoxiously loudly.


Katelyn Star, little sister

Katelyn Star, Little Sister

It was a bit of an odd transition for Sammy to go from 3 sisters to just one, but she loved being the oldest sister. In her opinion her and Katie are practically opposites. Sure, they look pretty alike, but Katie likes Pokemon and Sammy loves Doctor Who. See, opposites. She loves her sister though and accepts her boy craziness, and is always willing to help her little sister out, even if she's got no idea how to, so Transfiguration homework they're both stumped at. They get along better than most siblings, mostly because they didn't grow up together and hadn't been contained to put up with each other all they're life.

The Mecans, Adoptive Family

Molly Mecan

Molly was a very friendly woman before she was killed. She was nice to everyone, even those rude people that came into her pet shop, complaining about something that was in the pet's nature, Sammy would usually pull faces at those people. Although she wasn't very bright at things like Math, or Chemistry she had a real nack for understanding her animals, main reason she started a pet store and agreed to live on a farm.

Arthur Mecan

Arthur had a good heart but was usually in a bad mood or tired because of how far and long he had to drive to work, but either way Sammy loved him. He was the one who helped her understand multiplication for it had been her weak spot in muggle schooling. Of course, she always felt Annie got more attention from him than she did but she always reassured herself that was because Annie was younger and needed more attention than she did.

Gabrielle Mecan

This was the one sibling she didn't get along with very well. Gabrielle always had something better to do than spend time with her family and thought her whole family was made of pure loser, so she was always staying over at her friend's houses who lived in the city. She never knew this sister very well because she always refused to do anything with her family, but as a Hufflepuff at heart she tried to convince herself that she was nice underneath all that hate for her family.

Susan Mecan

Susan was the genius of the family. No one is quite sure where she got it from but either way she tried to get the rest of the family to follow in her footsteps, except for Gabrielle those two got along like electricity and water. THe results of them interacting were never particularly good. This sister helped her learn her abc's in Kindergarten because Sammy thought "elemenoe" (pronounced, 'l' 'm' 'n' 'o') was one letter, not four.

Ben Mecan

Was the most annoying little boy Samantha had ever met in her life. He always stole her favourite book, and her dolls. ANd besides all this they got along like two peas in a pod whether they chose to admit it or not (which they never did). The two of them for Halloween would always dress up as Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa, Sammy being Jack because she called dibs. Once they even dressed Annie up as a mini Elizabeth Swann and took her with them.


Annie Mecan

Annie Mecan

The most adorable little girl to roam the earth, in Sammy's opinion. Of course, she still doesn't know Annie very well, because she now lives in France with her Aunt so Sammy doesn't get to see her as much as she would like to. But in the period of time that they saw each other practically every day she discovered Annie was rather sneaky so they would steal cookies from the cookie jar and hide out in the paddock trying to bribe the horse to love them. But at such a young age, you can't define a person's character. Annie has now recovered mostly from the paranoia she was diagnosed with when she was five, though sometimes it comes back in small doses.

Highness fufu by blondepassion-d37m6l8

His Royal Highness, Moggster

Moggster, Pet Cat

Moggster (Mog, Moggy) is the kitty cat that Sammy has had since her first year at Hogwarts, and if things go well for him she'll have him in her last year too. Over the years, Sammy has discovered he has a rather interesting personality. He is a lazy and loves his food, just like Sammy, he can be rather arrogant and doesn't like interacting with any animal other than human, and that's usually just so he can get something. Of course, he thinks Sammy is a good human and prefers her over the rest of his human slaves even if she does insist on carrying him around under her arm, saying that he's her superhero sidekick, and calling him Moggster. His real name is Stormaghandor and he is a badass.


Amelia "Amy" Samson


Amelia Mae Samson

This crazy girl was one of Sammy's first friends in Hufflepuff. She goes by a few names though Amy, Pizza!Buddeh, Purple Dinosaur of Cool, I could go on and on. They've been through quite a bit together and still seem to be able to stand each other's company so that must be a good sign. They've also both dated the same boy, fortunately not at the same time, but both of them came out of their relationship feeling that they were better off. Amy and Sammy share quite a few things in common, their love of food, their love of Doctor Who (though Sammy thinks she likes it a lot more than Amy, and that the Doctor would pick her as a companion over Amy). Since the Yule Ball in their first year they've always supported each other, no matter how stupid they were being.


Elle Pendragon

Elle Cassidy Pendragon

Elle was Sammy's best friend all throughout her years of muggle schooling and she still considers her a very close friend today, though due to Sammy being at Hogwarts the majority of the year and not being able to send owls to Elle they have grown a bit weaker, but they still get along. Elle is a very sarcastic girl and finds black humor the funniest, she was born a month and four days before Sammy (10th Jan 2060) but they didn't meet until first year when Elle transferred from a school in Scotland. Everyone made fun of her accent, but Sammy thought it was awesome, in fact awesome enough to be her friend. Sammy was also sort of Elle's hair saviour, she would always come to school with a dorky looking pony tail and each day Sammy would do her best to save the deluded child by plaiting her hair.


Emelia "Emmy" Frost

Emelia Jane Frost

Emelia, or Emmy as Sammy liked to call her, was one of the nicest people in the school Sammy thought. Even if she was in the year above Sammy she was just so friendly and caring about everyone, it actually shocked Sammy to know that a person like that exsisted. Also she's extremely loyal like all good Hufflepuffs should be, for Emmy was also in Hufflepuff and it was easy to see why. She wasn't slow, or think, or dumb or anything else that is stereotypical about Hufflepuffs she was all the good things, loyal, friendly, sweet, and all that nonsense. Not only that she always had a fantastic suggestion on what books Sammy should read, for she too was a lover of books. They were on the Yule Ball dance commitee together and met a rather nasty Slytherin of which they both laughed about later, it upset Sammy very much when Emmy didn't return in her third year (Emmy's fourth) and she currently has no idea where she is, but all the same misses that friendly face.


Everett "Poodle" Sutherland

Everett Dwight Sutherland

Sammy likes to think of Everett as two things: 1. A smartass brother she never had and 2. a socially retarded poodle. Not that she doesn't like him, he's just a bit of an idiot. He's one of the very few Slytherins she actually gets along with, he's also pretty much the same height as her so they both make fun of Amy because she's a munchkin. Though only Sammy is allowed to call her a munchkin. She doesn't really know too much about Everett, only that he's got this really obvious crush on Amy (that everyone BUT Amy seems able to see) and she bags him out a bit for it, even if she is the world's biggest Evmy (Everett/Amy) shipper.

Fun Facts about Miss Star

  • Sammy and her creator have the same first name and the exact same initials (S.J.S)
  • Sammy's model is Annasophia Robb because her creator had been reading Bridge to Terabithia at the time and had always enjoyed the movie (also Charlie and the Chocolate Factory IS awesome)
  • Sammy and her creator started out as very alike but we are very slowly becoming quite different
  • Due to the creator's love of kittens Sammy's cat (Moggy) stayed a kitten for three years by which point it should've been fully grown
  • Sammy's personality is very close to that of the creator's step sister

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