Sarani Glass served as the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor (2070-71) at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Born: Scarlett Ember Jasper Rayne Zircon.

You will not call me Scarlett. You will not call me shortened versions of my name. My name is Sarani. It would do you well to remember that.

Former occupations: Toxicologist (2065-present), undercover agent (2069-72), vampire hunter (2072-2075).

Introduction: Born on Oct 21, 2047.
In Lucerne, Switzerland.
Fluent in French, German, and English.

Is in an on-and-off relationship with Zen Whitcomb.
Owns a Black Friesian stallion.

Particulars of Magic: Blood status: Pureblood.
Wand: 13 inches, ebony, core of a single yeti hair.
I have a second wand. It is eleven inches, wood of purpleheart, core of dragon heartstring... and none of your business.
Animagus form: White tiger.
Mirror of Erised: Herself, as she is.


Standing at 5.8”, Sarani has brilliant green eyes and dark brown, usually wavy hair. While she will sometimes wear dresses and gowns, she usually opts for clothes that won’t hinder quick movement. Her usual choice of shoes is spiked heel boots. She has a tattoo for each important event in her life, important being a sketchy term.


'Know your rights' and Khmer script tattoos
Tattoo on her right arm that reads 'determination' in Arabic
XIII V MCMXL [13 May, 1940 tattoo on her left arm]
Latin phrase Quod me nutrit me destruit [What nourishes me, destroys me tattoo]
Tiger tattoo on lower back


Sarani is competitive, strong-willed and doesn’t believe in losing. She has a stunning smile, but it isn’t often that it indicates anything good. She hates people who waste her time, and her humour is the sarcastic kind. Despite that, she can be a charming conversationalist when she wants to be. She's excellent at what she does, and knows it. She sets high goals for herself, and holds others to the same standard as she holds herself. She isn't afraid of manipulating and tricking others to get what she wants, but she never goes back on her word. Very few things surprise or alarm her. She is good at both finding and avoiding trouble, and does not believe in fear.


Ordinary Wizarding Level:
Lucerne Institute of Magic, 2061.
Ancient Runes: E
Care of Magical Creatures: A
Charms: E
Defense Against the Dark Arts: O
History of Magic: E
Herbology: O
Potions: O
Transfiguration: O

Advanced Wizarding Level:
Lucerne Institute of Magic, 2064.
Advanced Herbology: O
Advanced Charms: E
Basic Healing: O
Shields and Wards: O
Hexes and Curses: O
Dueling Arts: O
Defense against Dark Creatures: O
Human Transfiguration: O
Medieval Magical History: E
Spell Mechanism: O

Degree in Defensive Magic:
Zürich University of Defensive Arts, 2064 - 2066.
Advanced Nonverbal Magic: HD
Basic Defensive Tactics: HD
Body Language & Acting: Distinction
Escape from Captivity: HD
Empty Hand Defense: HD
Shields and Wards: Distinction
Spell Detection and Reversal: Distinction
Wand Retention and Disarmament: Distinction
Tactical Medicine: HD

Specialization training (Hit Witch training):
Zürich University of Defensive Arts, 2066 - 2069.
Arrest and Control: HD
Advanced Defensive Magic: HD
Concealment and Disguise: HD
Close Quarter Combat: HD
Criminal Law and Legislation: Credit
Critical Incident Response: Distinction
Interrogation and Negotiation: Distinction
Perimeter Security Systems: Distinction
Reconnaissance and Intelligence: HD
Stealth and Tracking: HD
Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance: HD
Tactical Communication: Distinction
Undercover Operations: HD
Wandless Magic: Distinction
Wizarding Forensics: Distinction

+Based on UNE grading. 65-74% = Credit, 75-89% = Distinction, 90-100% = HD [High Distinction].


Father: Carl Ehren Zircon
Biological mother: Angelique Rayne Zircon [née Karsten]
Raised by: California Tassel Zircon [née Glass]
ALSO. Delphine Corbeau Zircon. Favourite cousin.


Sarani was born to a wandmaking family, in October 2047. Her mother divorced her father a few months later (“He didn’t like shopping anymore! Can you believe that?”) and Sarani was brought up by California Zircon, her father’s very young and very vibrant second wife (Sarani’s father was her third husband but, for some reason Sarani never understood, the relationship lasted). California loved two things: cats and dance. Sarani was enrolled in Mrs. Thea’s Splendid School of Dance and Music as soon as she could walk, and received at least one cat for each birthday, until she let them all loose in California's bedroom one day.

While her father had never been interested in the infamous family business – wandmaking – being a Zircon meant knowing about wands, and he encouraged Sarani to learn from his brother. By the time she was thirteen, she could identify all basic wand types. Which, she decided, was useful but boring. She wanted excitement. She wanted a challenge. She wanted to make herself a wand. She attempted that two years later, on her own and without any supervision whatsoever. It wasn’t the brightest idea, and left her with a scar and singed hair.

She first saw Orson Black at one of her mother’s parties, a few weeks before her nineteenth birthday. He was thirty-five, he was walking, talking charisma, and he didn’t look like the sort of man who had time to waste at California’s balls. She was intrigued and, on learning that he specialized in poisons, sought him ought. He agreed to take her on as a student and, almost until the end of her stint at the Zürich University of Defensive Arts, Sarani juggled uni and her new apprenticeship. She was enthralled by Toxicology, which became a passion. She and Orson got together a few weeks after her twentieth birthday, but things turned sour after he found out she was obtaining ingredients via the gray market. He'd never been on the right side of the law himself, but he did not like the idea of her doing the same. Their relationship grew strained, ending when Sarani told him she was done with working under - or with - him.

Sarani offered her services to the Ministry of Magic. Her research on and knowledge of poisons and antidotes was useful, and she became an undercover agent for the Swiss Clandestine Services. Part of the work involved further and strenuous training, but she was fine with that. Things would have been alright if the bosses hadn't had the bright idea that, with her training, she would make an excellent auror, so why waste all that talent? The truth was that there had been a mass resign of aurors over Ministry policy, and they needed more personnel. Sarani was transferred, her first assignment being very low-key, a guy called Zen Whitcomb, a "former dark artiste" who had "turned over a new leaf," but couldn't quite give up the old ways, since he had been caught settling muggles objects that tended to turn into chickens. The task was simple to the point of being boring. She tracked down the guy... and ran off with him (He was handsome. It was instant chemistry). While on the run, she learned about vampire hunters, people who tackled rogue vampires - vampires who left their colonies to attack towns and kill humans. She knew at once that she wanted to be one. She hauled Zen off to the Ministry of Magic, and turned him in. (It wasn't like he was going to be sent to prison. Well, at least not for more than one or two months. He hadn't hurt anyone. Just given the obliviators more to do.) The agencies weren't impressed by her five months' absence, or her line of reasoning that she had reformed Zen, since he hadn't sold anything that turned into a chicken, in the past five months. But she had plenty of dirt on the Ministry, and the matter was hushed up. She and the agencies came to a mutual agreement: they'd leave each other alone.
Her parents were furious but, knowing they would come around eventually, she left Switzerland to meet one of Zen's friends, a vampire hunter. She learned the tricks of the trade. It was a dangerous job, which meant Sarani loved it. Things took an unexpected turn when she got into a bit of trouble last year, which Orson agreed to bail her out of on one term: she would repay him. Sarani knew it wasn’t a good idea, but she didn’t have a whole lot of other options at the time and agreed. Last month, she received an envelope from him – the only contact they’d had since – that contained a cut-out advertisement: the post of DADA professor at Hogwarts was vacant. Sarani wasn’t one to turn back on her word, and she applied. She still doesn’t know the why of the letter but, knowing Orson, she’s sure it’s more than just wanting to get back at her for walking out on him.

Good at:

  • [] Archery
  • [] Adapting to new situations
  • [] Duelling
  • [] Obtaining ingredients and products that haven't been officially released or are hard to acquire
  • [] Scaring the living daylights out of people
  • [] Wandmaking


  • [] Challenges
  • [] Fire
  • [] Goblin-wrought swords
  • [] Horse-riding
  • [] Intelligent men
  • [] Lipstick
  • [] Poisons and antidotes
  • [] Rainstorms and thunderstorms
  • [] Spiked heel, pointed-toe boots
  • [] The night


  • [] Knowing she can't cook anything that isn't an omlette
  • [] Most kinds of cats
  • [] People who waste her time
  • [] Small children. Babies. They drool.
  • [] Tomatoes

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