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Savannah Hartly

About Savannah

Brithday:March 31 2064


Blood status:Half-Blood

Ethnicity:Full Blooded Irish

Place Of Birth:Dublin,Ireland

Currnet Place Of Residence:London,England




Physical Appearance

Hair Color:Dyed Ginger(Blonde)

Eye Color:Brown


Weight:112 Pounds



Great Maternal Grandmother:Charoltte Ryan{Nee Jenkins){Muggle}

Great Maternal Grandfather:Nathan Ryan{Muggle}

Great Maternal Grandmother:Emma O'Reilly{Nee Nickles}{Muggle}

Great Maternal Grandfather:Hades O'Reilly{Muggle}

Maternal Grandmother:Mortica O'Reilly {Nee Ryan}{Muggleborn}

Maternal Grandfather:Gabriel O'Reilly{Muggleborn}

Great Paternal Grandmother:Jenna Flanagan{Nee Vanders}

Great Paternal Grandfather:Kennth Flanagan

Great Paternal Grandmother:Kelly Hartly{Nee Jacobs}

Great Paternal Grandfather:Marvin Harlty

Paternal Grandmother:' ' Jezabell Hartly{Nee Flanagan}

Paternal Grandfather:Victor Hartly

Mother:Jackie Hartly {Nee O'Reilly}(Deceased)(Muggleborn)

Father:Mitchel Hartly (Deceased)

Older Sister: Scarlett Kellen-O'Connell{Nee Hartly}

Ex-Brother In Law:Chris Hawkins

Brother in Law:Jared Kellen-O'Connell

Second Older Sister:Sheila Hartly

Only Brother:Shane Hartly

Brothers Girlfriend:Arielle Morelli

Sister:Wisteria "Wisty"Hartly

Niece:Jeanelle Davis

Niece:Carolyn Hawkins-Kellen/O'Connell

Nephew:Kane Kellen-O'Connell

Niece:Kaitlyn Kellen-O'Connell

Frist Year

In Savannah's First year she was sorted into Ravenclaw.

She did very well with her classes,Not so much on making friends.

She Became a loner at The end of the school term.Her Favorite Professor Became the muggles studies Professor.


Savannah at 11 years old


Second Year

Bella thorne

Savannah at 12

Third Year

Bella-thorne-yo-blendz (81)

Savannah At 13

Fourth Year


Savannah At 14

Fifth Year

2012 Something Awards Red Carpet uGfm4R17OnJl

Savannah at 15

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