Scarlett credit to IBeJenn

About Scarlett Daphne Kellen-O'Connell

Birthday:October 31 2052

Ethnicity: Irish

Blood Status:Half-Blood

Place Of Birth:Dublin,Ireland

Currnet Place of Resisence:London England

House: Ravenclaw(2063-2070)

Martiel Status:Married To Jared Kellen-O'Connell

Job Title:Senior Werewolf Support Advisor


Department:Magical Creatures

Physical Appearance

Hair Color:Dyed Blonde(Natural Ginger)

Eye Color:Blue



Skintone:Pale With Freckles


Great Maternal Grandmother:Charoltte Ryan{Nee Jenkins){Muggle}

Great Maternal Grandfather:Nathan Ryan{Muggle}

Great Maternal Grandmother:Emma O'Reilly{Nee Nickles}{Muggle}

Great Maternal Grandfather:Hades O'Reilly{Muggle}

Maternal Grandmother:Mortica O'Reilly {Nee Ryan}{Muggleborn}

Maternal Grandfather:Gabriel O'Reilly{Muggleborn}

Great Paternal Grandmother:Jenna Flanagan{Nee Vanders}

Great Paternal Grandfather:Kennth Flanagan

Great Paternal Grandmother:Kelly Hartly{Nee Jacobs}

Great Paternal Grandfather:Marvin Harlty

Paternal Grandmother:Jezabell Hartly{Nee Flanagan}

Paternal Grandfather:Victor Hartly

Mother:Jackie Hartly {Nee O'Reilly}(Deceased)(Muggleborn)

Father:Mitchel Hartly (Deceased)

Ex-Husband:Chris Hawkins

Husband:Jared Kellen-O'Connell

Sister:Sheila Hartly

Only Brother:Shane Hartly

Brothers Girlfriend:Arielle Morelli

Sister:Wisteria "Wisty"Hartly

Sister:Savannah"Van" Hartly

Niece:Jeanelle Davis

Daughter:Carolyn Hawkins-Kellen/O'Connell

Son:Kane Kellen-O'Connell

Daughter:Kaitlyn Kellen-O'Connell

Early Life

Scarlett Daphne Kellen-O'Connell(Nee Hartly) was born October 31 2052 with as a triple with Shane Ducan Hartly,Sheila Daniella Hartly to Mitchel James and Jackie Marie Hartly. They were both not ready for childern yet so they have put them up for adoption.One week later they were being raised at the Magical orphanage in Dublin,Ireland.A young couple around the age of Mitchel and Jackie wanted a child.instead keeping one they took all three in.They didnt want to slipt up the Triplets .While it was almost time for their first birthday.Belladonna and Steven perpared for a big party and family gathering on Halloween.Each of them wore a Pumpkin Costume on their first brithday their adoptive mother and father thought they looked cute in them.Soon the triplets turned the Terrible Twos.They were running and playing and getting into things as two year olds do.Soon Belladonna And steven learned that the triplets were magical like themsevels.Before they found out they were wondering why the triplets could do things normal muggles couldn't.


They began Wizard Perschool at age three.Scarlett ,Shane and Sheila would always get into some sort of mess in the class room.Once scarlett had gotten in deep trouble for putting glue in a girls hair.Something Felt strange to Scarlett,Shane,Sheila when they about 6 years old.they found out They weren't really a Black but a Hartly.Around 8 years old they began searching for their parents with the help of their adoptive Mother and Father.Around 10 they sent a letter to Jackie and mitchel but got nothing back.

Hogwarts Years

Scarlett was sorted into ravenclaw with her brother and sister.

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