This is one of the most efficient flesh-eating shrubs known to the wizarding world. The Self-fertilising Bush does exactly that, self-fertilises. It is one of the easiest shrubs to care for as it only requires a minimal amount of watering and an annual trim.

It grows up to three and a half metres high, though particularly mature specimens have been known to reach heights of four metres. Its evergreen leaves make it a desirable shrub to have in wizarding gardens.
Self-fertilising Bushes feed off insects, birds and small rodents. Occasionally if it hasn’t been fed for some time it will seek out small animals such as cats, dogs and kneazles. After they digest their prey, through their mouth found at the base of its small trunk, it will dispel any of its remains and waste through fertilising nodules found on the underside of each branch. Thus letting the fertiliser fall to the floor at its base.

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