It may sound like a strange jewel, and in a way, that is exactly what it is! This treasure however, is for stashing away in your potions cupboard, and not to be worn as a pendant. Though I am sure there are


wizards out there that do. The Shaggy Sapphire is only known to grow in one part of the world. Australia. These toadstools thrive in the land "down under".


The Shaggy Sapphire is a very striking shade of blue and its cap is entirely covered with hair like fibres. These fibres trap moisture and nutrients for these enchanting little wonders. This toadstool grows to between 7 to 8 inches tall. They are somewhat easy to spot if walking in open fields.


The Shaggy Sapphire is rated 3, useful with no dangerous qualities. Though having said that the Shaggy Sapphire is home to the interesting insect known as the Billywig. That means you should take extra care when harvesting Shaggy Sapphires, as Billywigs are known to cause the victims of their stings to hover uncontrollably. These little insects can usually be found nesting upside down under the cap.


Unlike most varieties of toadstool, the Shaggy Sapphire is unique in that it does not require a lot of moisture to grow. Even in the warmest and driest of climates and conditions, these little gems will practically blossom. However they do benefit with a light water from time to time.


The Shaggy Sapphire is used in a variety of potions, elixirs and draughts. This toadstool is notably useful in reversing the effects of dark magic. As such the demand for this particular toadstool is gaining in popularity.

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