Sinistra Lumina


Sinistra Lumina

Wand Movement

Swish, flick, and point at empty hand




A soft crackling sound should be heard when the light is conjured

Sinistra Lumina is a Transfiguration spell that conjures a ball of light into the caster's hand. It was taught to the students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry by Professor Alexandria Pierce in the 2066-2067 school year.

Appearance and Effect

A handful of light is conjured from the wand into the caster's other hand. The light will stay in his/her hand until he/she clenches it shut.

This spell allows the witch or wizard to use their wand to cast other spells while still having a light source.


The word sinistra is Latin for "left hand," and lumina is a Romanian word derived from the Latin lumen which means "light." Hence, Sinistra Lumina means "Hand Light."


Transfiguration Lesson 1 (Term 20)


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