Gnarled stump


Lounging about on the forest floor is an enemy waiting for a chance to strike. This master of disguise is known as the Snargaluff. Technically the Snargaluff is categorized as a herb, but it choose to take the form of a tree and is a flesh-eating plant.

The Snargaluff can be extremely difficult to distinguish in the wild. It is in fact a master at seeming inconspicuous. Many of its victims will never even know what hit them, until it is too late. The Snargaluff lies quietly incognito, disguised as a lump of dead wood. This costume is so effective it is actually impossible to identify the Snargaluff even when it is placed next to an actual lump of dead wood. What an incredible feat of concealment! In fact the Snargaluff is being studied closely by the ministry in the hopes they will discover its cloaking secrets which would enable them to duplicate its actions to use in future security projects.

When the Snargaluff senses company, the plant instantly sprouts long and extremely prickly vines. These vines whip about violently hoping to grab a hold on the approaching victim. This plant does let off quiet growls, when a tasty treat wanders its way. This should offer you a bit of a clue that you are in danger and perhaps the chance to grab your wand. When the plant does get a grasp on a victim, it will then devour them whole.

Smaller varieties of this plant are less harmful and can be approached in order to harvest Snargaluff pods. These pods are used in a variety of magical products. These include potions, ointments and even magical candies. It is highly recommended that you never approach one of these plants unless accompanied by another witch or wizard, even if it is one of the smaller types. If attacked, you may have a chance at escaping if you have a friend to help, or if you can manage to fire off a stunning spell or two.

Snargaluffs should be avoided except by those highly experienced with harvesting their pods.

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