Stalking Cedar

Hidden amongst the many magical trees of our forests roams an intimidating enemy. This menacing forest dweller also happens to be the most feared flesh eating tree. This particular variety is known as The Stalking Cedar, which is aptly named for its prey hunting capabilities. Once it has locked onto its target, this tree will deftly manoeuvre itself into position for a fanciful feast.

This is one of the trickier varieties to spot in the wild. The trunk is dark brown and roughly carved with cracks. The foliage is an ordinary shade of emerald green. The biggest give-away it has, is the odour that constantly surrounds it. The Stalking Cedar seems to be enveloped in a putrid cloud of rotting flesh. This smart stalker has even been known to try hiding next to fragrant blossoming trees. Seemingly in order to mask their own fragrance and catch a traveller or passerby unaware.

When in stalking mode, the tree is nearly silent. It can glide over the landscape undetected except for the faint sound of the wind slightly rustling its leaves. This tree has massive roots, which are more for chewing, than digging. Preferring to stick to sandier soil grounds, this tree is usually found near coastal areas, though they have been known to migrate out of these areas if food sources become scarce.

Humans seem to be the favourite food among this variety. These giant hunters have even been known to eat multiple victims at one time. Devouring entire picnicking outings, lunch basket and all. Though they also hunt small game such as boar, rabbits, and deer.

Reaching to heights of well over eighty feet tall, this tree can search far and wide for its next meal. Individual trees have been known to live for close to three hundred years, all the while honing their hunting practices. Stalking Cedars have become increasingly rare due to infestations of Wobbling Weevils which burrow into the bark and eat these flesh eating trees from the roots upwards.

Be wary while walking the forest, and listen carefully for the rustle of leaves on a still day. These trees are truly a marvel to watch in action, as long as you are not the target.

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