Standard Class XX Love Potion


Causes the drinker to fall in love

Brewing Time

over an hour



The Standard Class XX Love Potion was taught by Potion Master Valon Kazimeriz.


Causes the drinker to fall in love.


  • Purified water, 4 ounces
  • Fluxweed, two bunches- finely crushed
  • Lovage pollen - 2 drams
  • 3 lovage seeds, whole
  • Bloodroot, 3 roots- split lengthwise, scrape inner membrane out
  • Apple cider, 8 ounces
  • Lionfish heart, minced
  • Griffin dandruff, 1 dram
  • 1 drop of Swan's Blood


  • Warm water until just before boiling.
  • Crush fluxweed with mortar and pestle, add to water. Allow to come to a brisk boil.
  • Add lovage pollen, stir until dissolved.
  • Potion should take on a light golden colour.
  • Stir slowly, alternating clockwise and counterclockwise stirs
  • bring potion back up to a boil and allow to simmer 5 minutes
  • Add inner membrane ONLY of bloodroots; do NOT include the tough outer membrane of the root!!!
  • Add apple cider and lionfish heart; potion should take on an iridescent sheen and a light pink to purple cast
  • Add griffin dandruff and simmer until your potion takes on a deep pink to red sheen.
  • Bring your cauldron back down to a simmer
  • Add the single drop of swan blood to your potion
  • Stir until it is well blended into the potion

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