Stilus Spell



Wand Movement

Moving your wand over the object




Creates words on an object or paper

This spell was originally taught by Professor Isabel Adrie during the 2050-2051 term in her introductory Transfiguration class. The spell allows the caster to print words on any object.


Stilus must be used in addition to another word. For example, to write on a piece of paper or parchment, the caster will say 'Stilus tabella'. Adding words to clothing or any other textile would require the incantation 'Stilus textilus.' Adding words to a sign or poster would require the incantation 'Stilus signum.'

To cast the spell, the caster points his wand at the spot on the page in which the word should appear, says the incantation, and moves his wand where the text should appear. The wand should not actually touch the paper; the spell is best performed two or three inches away from the desired line of writing.

Although the caster does not need to speak the words that are desired on the page, he must fix the word or phrase firmly in his mind for the most accurate result.

Similar Spells

The Stilus spell is often used in conjunction with Induco, a spell used to remove text from an object.


Transfiguration Lesson 5, Term 4

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