A healthy specimen of Stubby Purple Coral.

Stubby Purple Coral is also known for its Latin name Coral Acropora Tenuis, as well as Spongy Sea Nettle. It is found mostly in the Atlantic Ocean, and particularly in the waters surrounding the East Coast of Australia, this area is known as the Great Barrier Reef, home to an abundant marine life. However over the years the number of and extent of the Stubby Purple Coral colonies has declined due to over exposure and excessive farming. It is now considered as an endangered species, finding it on the market is rare, and often illegal.


Stubby Purple Coral grow in colonies up to twenty centimetres long, the main branch of coral being up to ten centimetres long. A healthy growth of Stubby Purple Coral is a vivid shade of purple, however if the specimen is aged or is ill, then it is usually a

A rather old specimen of Stubby Purple Coral.

shade of murky brown or grey. Stubby Purple Coral grows horizontally not very much vertically and is as its name suggests... covered in stubby purple nodules.


Stubby Purple Coral – or Coral Acropora Tenuis is rated 3, being useful with no dangerous qualities. It is important to remember that whilst the Stubby Purple Coral does not pose any danger itself, harvesting the rare coral is likely to land you in more trouble and danger than you would care for.

Care Of

It is still unknown, how to care for the Stubby Purple Coral. Herbologists from around the globe have yet to identify and agree on any particular method of care. One thing that they have been able to agree on however is that it should be protected and that harvesting the sea sponge should be banned until such times as it is no longer in danger of extinction- and even then measures should be put in place to preserve its abundance in the wild.


Coral Acropora Tenuis has a number of uses. It is first and foremost a primary ingredient in many magical stain removal serums- being one of the most effective in removing dragon blood stains. It may also be used in potions to increase the speed of the properties reactions. Stubby Purple Coral is also used medicinally, small portions in ones diet aids circulation and increases the metabolism, assisting in speedy recovers.