Position: Astronomy Professor

Year of Birth: 2030

Appearance: Short, about 5 foot and slender. She has a pale complexion, and long straight black hair. She wears glasses with small black frames. Her robes are always monotone and of a fairly dark colour.


Susan is an elitist. She disdains working for anything but love of ones' subject. As a result, she can be seen as arrogant and difficult to approach. She is extremely likely to play favorites with a gifted student and is unlikely to give time to ungifted students, they are a waste of her time. Strict and harsh in her punishments, she is not entirely unreasonable. She is likely to believe a person if their story has any logic to it, no matter how unlikely it may be.


Susan is a half blood, raised equally in the muggle and wizarding world. Her mother worked for the ministry while her father was a school teacher. She learned a great love and respect of knowledge and learning at a young age. She attended Hogwarts when she turned 11, being sorted into Ravenclaw. She excelled in many subjects, developing a love of Astronomy. Leaving school, she held several temporary teaching positions at schools throughout the world, spending the longest time of almost 3 years in an Australian Witchcraft Institute. Returning to England, she joined the ministry in an advisory role dealing with various Astronomy related details. Given the chance she will bore a person to tears talking about it.

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