Swampy Sycamore

Appearance and Whereabouts:

Forests can be peaceful calming places, where we can seek solace from our busy wizarding lives, but you'll want to be especially careful of strolling through forests in wet and rainy weather. This Flesh Eating tree thrives in moist, cool environments. Waiting until wet weather to hunt, this tree uses moisture to glide over the muddy earth in search of its next meal.

Swampy Sycamore trees are somewhat squat. Often seeming almost as wide as they are tall. This variety grows to an average height of 20 feet and has a girth of at least 10 feet in diameter. The branches are usually covered with a valuable mouldy green moss. These trees are also known to be one of the favourite nesting sites of horned owls, who like to travel with the mighty trees and seem to keep similar sleeping and hunting hours. A vast system of roots helps provide excellent stability and strength. These nimble roots help this variety to easily cover over 5 square miles of hunting territory in a single night.


This type of flesh-eating tree uses vibrations through the ground to find and stalk its prey. When in striking distance you may hear a tell tale rustle of leaves and a noise generated by the branches that sounds like a massive yawn, before you feel the mossy branches close around you. If this happens, more than likely it will be too late to launch an escape, but the moss covered branches can be fairly slippery. You may have a bit of hope if you can muster up a burst of energy and try to wriggle free.

These trees are usually found resting during the day. The magical mouldy moss found growing on its branches is commonly used in magical medicinal ointments and salves. As such it is common to see perfectly sane witches and wizards approaching these trees during daylight hours. Daylight attacks have been documented, but these usually happen during years of drought, or severely dry seasons.

If you'd like to get a closer look at one of these trees your best approach would be to wait until a fierce storm blows through. Head out at first light to catch this tree in its resting state and hopefully with an already full belly.

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