Legend says this toadstool was banished from the sea by King Triton himself after he had a nasty accident and found himself face down in a large cluster of Tangled Urchins. We of course don't have any evidence of this, but you will notice that there is sea salt found in the nooks of the arms on this toadstool.


The Tangled Urchin grows in clusters and can in fact completely block forest paths. This particularly nasty toadstool resembles a small spiky sea urchin. With twisted sharpened arms that stick out in all directions. This toadstool usually is found in shades of midnight blue. There have been a few specimens found that were completely white, but research shows they are only found once every couple hundred years.


The Tangled Urchin is rated 5, useful but use with caution. Its thorn like arms are incredibly sharp and will slice right through your skin, so you'll want to wear either leather gardening gloves or simple charms when trying to harvest these ferocious fungi.


Generally found in thick forest undergrowth, the Tangled Urchin prefers dark and damp conditions. Though occasionally they can be found in open fields or paddocks, they grow particularly well with the aid of a little Abraxan dung.


The Tangled Urchin is not the easiest toadstool to harvest, but you may be surprised at how many uses are out there for this very distinctive toadstool. The salt alone harvested from the toadstools is incredibly valuable. The salt is highly sought after for use as a cooking salt, by some of the most renowned chefs in the world. Of course getting large quantities of the salt is nearly impossible, but well worth your efforts. A little of this particular salt does go a long way. The body of the toadstool itself is used in many energy elixirs and protection potions.

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