A Large Clump of Teardrop Toadstools.

One of the most recognizable varieties of toadstools is the Teardrop Toadstool. The legend of the Teardrop Toadstool says that a young witch was once denied marriage to an enchanted prince, instead she was told she would marry a powerful and evil warlock. She wrote a love letter to her prince telling him to find her hidden in the forest. It is said she then ran away to the forest and turned herself into a toadstool. The tears that run down the stem are hers that she sheds for her lost love who has yet to find her.


This little gem grows to between 4-7 inches tall and has a brilliant flaming orange colouring. Tiny black tear shaped spots decorate the thin little stem.


The Teardrop Toadstool is rated 5, useful but use with caution. While they seem sweet and even a tad bit sad, they are actually quite dangerous. These are among the most poisonous of toadstools, so take care when handling, and make sure to keep track of them once you harvest them.


These toadstools are known to grow in a number of different climates, but seem to prefer staying relatively close to magical energies. As such they can be found in most enchanted forests and magical marshes. Some of these toadstools have been found in muggle areas, but they have an internal cloaking shield that allows only those with magical abilities to see them.


Teardrop Toadstools are often used as replacement ingredients for both phoenix tears and mermaid scales. For some mysterious reason they share many of the same qualities and magical reactions. This almost guarantees this toadstools place at the head of the most wanted toadstool list, as both mermaid scale and phoenix tears are incredibly expensive and unbelievably rare.

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