Raining Crups and Kneazles (2080)

Don’t Let the Billywigs Bite (2082)

Take the Tebo by Its Horns (2083)

‘Til the Mooncalves Come Home (2084)

Walking on Dragon Eggshells (2086)

Aquila Albert, crime solver and magizoologist, is back for another wild and wacky adventure. Her newest travels take her back to Peru and to the same dragon reserve where her father disappeared 8 years before. Determined to put her past behind her, Aquila jumps into investigating the mysterious kidnapping of baby dragons from the reserve and tries to ignore her growing attraction for the magizoologist who seems bent on ruining her career. Something more sinister than missing dragons and broken hearts may be hiding in the mountains of Peru, however, and Aquila will need her usual wits to solve the case! Tate is a master at witty wordplay, charming banter, and quirky characters, and we gobble up each adventure with delight. (WHiM)

Keeping the Werewolf from the Door (Due in 2088)

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