The Ultimate Guide to Herbology


Seren Bentley


Herbology and Potions


Hogwarts Textbook

The Ultimate Guide to Herbology is a book by Seren Bentley, the current Herbology Professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Contents List

  • Plant Classification Code
  • Introduction to Water Plants
  • Magical Water Plants
  • Introduction to Toadstools
  • Toadstools
  • Garden Mushrooms
  • Introduction to Wand Trees
  • Wand Trees
  • Introduction to Flesh-Eating Trees, Shrubs and Plants
  • Flesh-Eating Trees
  • Flesh-Eating Shrubs

Plant Classification Code

  • 1 = innocuous and boring
  • 2 = somewhat interesting
  • 3 = useful with no dangerous qualities
  • 4 = useful but might have some unpleasant side effects
  • 5 = useful but use with caution
  • 6 = useful but considered dangerous
  • 7 = somewhat useful but highly dangerous
  • 8 = somewhat useful but could kill you if you're not careful
  • 9 = no uses found and dangerous to be in proximity
  • 10 = you are dead if you touch, inhale or are within 6 inches of this plant

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