Tingle Weed is one of the lesser known magical plants of the Mediterranean. Part of the reason for this lack of recognition is that it is virtually invisible until it comes into contact with a human form. It is found in all parts of the Mediterranean, at a depth of 20 to 30 feet.


Tingle Weed looks mostly like long green threads. It is very difficult to see because it has an apparently chameleon-like ability to blend in with its surroundings. It grows to between 2 and 3 feet long. When it comes into contact with a human form, however, it turns a bright scarlet pink and screams.


Tingle Weed is rated 4 (useful but might have some unpleasant side effects). The unpleasant side effects are a particular numbness in the areas of the body it comes into contact with and body odour like that of a goat. The numbness lasts up to 4 days; the body odour lasts for up to 3 months.

Care Of

Tingle Weed has been found impossible to grow outside of its native habitat. There was a collective of witches who tried to grow it for a span of years but they gave up on it when outraged Muggles drove them away from the 'gardening site' (a cliffside group of dwellings along a deep channel of the Mediterranean) because they said they smelled too highly of goat.


For such a very unattractive, stringy-looking plant, Tingle Weed has the most varied number of uses of most of the plants in this volume.
If prepared properly, it creates a permanent and lustrous green dye. This dye does not need a mordant, nor does it require more than a minimum amount of patience to prepare. The dye will colour everything from woven clothes to wooden products and will even put a permanent colour on Muggle articles such as metals and plastics.
Tingle Weed is used for teething babies. It is an almost guaranteed cure for those aching gums when the child is first starting to show his or her teeth. Preparation is the simple boiling of Tingle Weed in a solution of borage water and Hinklespunk (see Hinklespunk below).
Tingle Weed is the only known remedy for Luxemsprat (a devastating disease wherein the sufferer develops bright red hair coming from the ears and nostrils). Chewing on Tingle Weed eliminates the Luxemsprat - even if it does render the mouth parts numb for four days and the person smells like a goat for up to 3 months.
Tingle Weed, if dried properly, can be woven into twine and rope which is virtually unbreakable. Sailors prefer Tingle Weed ropes to those of hemp, cotton or linen. If woven (and rendered magically impotent), it makes an absolutely stout cloth which is amazingly flexible but is also practically indestructible.

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