A yellow Tingling Tambourine, releasing it's spores.

It is officially named the Tingling Tambourine, but is also know in certain parts of the world as the Jingle Bell (aptly named for its jingly sound and its umbrella shaped cap). Most wizards know the toadstool by either name, though it is becoming scarce in some areas.


The Tingling Tambourine is named specifically for its jingly pore pockets which dangle below the toadstools cap. These 1/8 of inch long pockets contain hardened spores which the toadstool will release twice yearly in order to spread its seeds. Tingling Tambourines are usually between 7 to 10 inches tall with thin stems and of course the trademark pockets which hang below the cap. Colours can range from brilliant peach to the gaudiest green. It is typical to find this toadstool in just about any shade of the rainbow, so the best way to identify this toadstool is by its spore pockets or the tingling sensation you will feel when you have touched one.


The Tingling Tambourine is rated 3, useful with no dangerous qualities. Though, this toadstool's spores contain some magical ingredient which will cause numbness and tingling in anything that touches it. This is probably a defence mechanism it uses to scare off garden gnomes.


These toadstools are becoming increasingly rare and they seem to thrive in greenhouse conditions as long as you can keep it free from burrowing beetles. These beetles are known to destroy this toadstool's habitat and seem to feed upon the spore pockets.


When harvested the Tingling Tambourine is often dried and used in rattles for children or for simple musical instruments that children can pick and craft themselves. The pockets of spores create a lovely wooden tingling noise that can't seem to be duplicated with modern technology. It is also commonly used in hospitals and medications as a milder alternative to anaesthesia. It has no known side effects and can wear off in as little as 20 minutes.

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