Tora Gallaway


Tora Grace Gallaway

Date of Birth

March 17, 2069


Ebony and Pheonix Feather, 11 inches, Slightly Springy






Mixed Blood


Blonde, curly and shoulder length or just past. Usually worn down.

Eye Color

Jade green with silvery blue accents



Post Color


Tora Grace Gallaway was born on March 17, 2069 to a Squib mother and a Muggle father. Her magical capability being too much for the two young parents, they sent their daughter to live with her grandmother when she was seven. At age eleven she attended Hogwarts as a first year (September, 2080) and was sorted into Ravenclaw.


She is always curious and isn’t afraid to get in trouble or go on an adventure to go find an answer. Because of this, she was almost put in Gryffindor, but the Sorting Hat decided in the end that she was better off a Ravenclaw because all her brave acts came from her trying to find knowledge. Just because she was sorted into Ravenclaw does not mean that she is clever. She continures to express that she was only placed in Ravenclaw for her curiosity, when actually she is as clever and creative as they come.

Tora is outgoing and is happy to make any new friends, but she can be a bit intimidating with her ideas and has a quick temper. This is demonstrated especially when someone isn’t telling her something she wants to know. This scares a lot of people off at first so she is a bit of a loner.

Her experiences with Gryffindors have generally not been positive.She thinks that the majority of the house is brave just to be brave and thus finds them annoying. There are a few exceptions to this rule of course, and she enjoys benefitting from their bravery when she goes on knowledgeable adventures. She thinks Hufflepuffs are friendly, and wishes that she was part of that great big Hufflepuff family. They can bit too accepting of everything sometimes though for her mind.  She doesn’t hate Slytherins because their ambition can get them answers. On the contrary, she admires ambition, so long as there is a limit to how far that would go. She really doesn’t like the thought of killing people.


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