A notice board had been set up on the wall of the practice room. It was large, and spread across the whole left side wall. Pinned at the top was this message:

"I am setting up this board to display copies of some of the wonderful pieces of homework I have received from you all this term. The drawings, stories etc. that I've loved can be found here, along with the names of the people they are credited to."
~Professor Magnus.


  • Kurumi Hollingberry - sweetpinkpixie
  • Sierra Greingoth - Anna Banana
  • Katrina Hudson - PotterHeadforLife
  • Lola Jones - highjinx
  • Hugo Doyle - neaped
  • Daichi Katharos - CassiopeiaAKTF
  • Charner Rainbow - Tazenhani
  • Caelius Ashdown - ToujoursPur
  • Anna Phoenix - PhoenixAnn
  • Amethyst Geleto - PhoenixAuror169
  • Alyssa Potter - FireboltAvis88
  • Aiden Heartnett - sevensnared


Alyssa Potter (FireboltAvis88):

The Great Unicorn Rescue

Meredith Stone lived in the Forbidden Forest. No one knew that she lived there and she’d rather keep it that way. She had an understanding with the Centaurs. She would leave them alone, if they left her alone. She had started living in the forest when she was 19 years old and that was almost 20 years ago. She had no place to go home after Hogwarts, so she decided to hide in the Forest and she has been here ever since then.
One day, Meredith was cooking in her treehouse when she heard an awful scream. It felt like someone or something was in pain. She didn’t like strangers wandering around but if someone was hurt, she had to go help them. She climbed down her rope ladder and ran towards the screams. To her dismay, she saw a beautiful unicorn lying on the ground. Not only was it bleeding, it was also tied up in ropes. Meredith was absolutely furious. Unicorns were rare,magical creatures and they should be allowed to roam the forest freely without being hunted down and killed.
Meredith looked around and couldn’t see anybody around. “They must be out looking for other unicorns,” Meredith thought to herself. She slowly moved towards the beautiful creature. Taking out her wand, Meredith pointed it at the ropes and waving it down and then up and then down again, said “Di-Fin-Doe”. A green beam shot out and sliced the ropes in half. Removing the ropes from the Unicorn, Meredith tended to the cuts on the Unicorn. “Them vermin!! Collecting Unicorn blood for money!! I’ll teach them a lesson they’ll never forget.”
Once the unicorn was back on its feet, Meredith urged it to run away. Now to lay a trap for the hunters. Meredith quickly placed some white cloth on the ground and buried some branches and stones under it to form the shape of the unicorn. Then she placed the ropes back on it. From a distance it looked like it was the Unicorn still tied up.
Meredith didn’t have long to wait. The hunters came back. They didn’t seem to suspect that a trap had been set for them until they got close enough to the shape to realize that it wasn’t their Unicorn but a piece of white cloth camouflaged to look like one. They looked around, looked at each other and then quickly turned around intending on running away. But Meredith was ready for them.
Coming out of her hiding place, Meredith pointed her wand at their bodies and turning her wrist clockwise, she cast the Incarcerous spelling by saying, “Ing-KAR-ser-es”. Ropes flew out from her wand and immediately wrapped themselves around the two hunters, binding them together back to back. She then cast the Levicorpus spell and they immediately flew up in the air dangling by their ankles. Now there was no way for them to escape.
She quickly ran over, took their wands and checked to make sure that their binding was strong and tight. Then she quickly wrote a note, addressed it to the Ministry of Law Enforcement and sent her owl to deliver the message. While waiting for the Ministry people to arrive, she sat staring at them. When they started cursing at her she pointed her wand and said,”Langlock”. They immediately stopped talking mainly because their tongues had been glued to the roof of their mouths. “Cowards!! Let's see how you like being tied up,” Meredith yelled at them, picking up her broom and smacking them on their heads with it.
And that was how the Ministry of Law Enforcements officials found them. All tied up, dangling upside down, and with Meredith still hitting their heads with a broom.

William Montcenaggio (Jason Potter Weasley)

William had gone to his friend's house to visit for the weekend. His friend was a muggle and William enjoyed meeting his family and participating in some of their activities with them. These included ordering a pizza, which Wiliam had never tasted before but thought was quite delicious, and watching muggle television. William saw a very pretty blonde girl who was a little older than himself on the television and found out that her name was Chelsea Kane.
The next day William found he had gotten involved in a real adventure. He found out that Chelsea Kane had been kidnapped by some very bad guys who were in a motorcycle gang. William was the only one who could save her, and so he set about trying to find out where she was being held.
Finally William discovered the place where he could find Chelsea and he went there. She was inside a warehouse, tied up and held captive. William remembered being taught the Diffindo spell in Transfiguration class, so he was able to use that spell to free Chelsea from the ropes. "Thank you," she said, and then she told William the reason she had been taken prisoner. The men in the motorcycle gang wanted to learn how to dance. They had seen Chelsea perform on some muggle show called Dancing With the Stars and they really wanted her to teach them how to dance so they could impress their girlfriends.
William and Chelsea were just about to leave the warehouse when three of the gang members showed up. Chelsea was frightened but William knew exactly what to do. He pulled his wand out and said "Incarcerous", and the smallest of the three was tied up right away. "What's going on!" exclaimed one of the men and he tried to go after William but he wasn't fast enough. William swung his wand at him and cried out "Incarcerous" again, getting this man tied up in place next to the first one.
Now there was only one man left, the biggest one of all. The man was really mad, he looked like he was going to tear William apart. William knew he had only one chance. "Incarcerous!" he said, aiming his wand at the huge man who was lunging after him. To his relief the spell worked, and the man was bound up with ropes just like the first two had been. Now he and Chelsea could escape but they should probably let the muggle police know first, he remembered.
"My hero!" Chelsea exclaimed and William blushed and said, "Aww, it was nothing!"
It was at that time that William awoke and found himself in his bed. A brand new day had arrived and sunlight was streaming through the window. The whole thing had been nothing but a dream.

Louisa Carter (Magical Soul):

She was running, panting and stumbling over the rocks under her bare feet. The tall trees stretching their branches in her way as if they joined the chasers in their seek. Her clothes were torn, her bare arms were scratched and every inch of her body ached or was sore. Irena's wand illuminated her surrounding a little but the seventeen years old trusted her hearing to assess the distance between her and the snatchers.
Five minutes had passed and the blonde found herself reaching the big oak her father instructed her to get to. She slammed into its trunk and started moving her hands on the rough surface, numb to all the throbbing her hands felt. He said there was a small hallow that had a protective rune hidden inside, she had to use it in order to get inside the shelter. The snatchers shouts and growls were getting closer and Irena's tears blurred her view. She sniffed and wiped them away with the hem of her shirt just in time as a spell was shot over her head.
The girl crouched quickly and whirled around. Two snatchers had stood sneering at her. "So, little beauty. Ready to go?" One of them spoke in a hoarse voice, pointing his wand at her, "Incarcerous!" Instantly Irena rolled to the side barely missing the ropes that shot out at her, her back didn't touch the oak's surface at a certain spot. But before she could reach behind her and grab the runic stone, the other man shot another non-verbal spell. Irena was fast, and probably lucky, missing the spell and shoving her hand into the hollow.
The men lunged toward her, she grabbed the runic stone in her wand hand and was about to move quickly but one of the men clutched her forearm and dragged her toward him. Irena's heart sank but her mind was still alerted and didn't let her hand to toss the stone away. "Did you really think that a young flesh like yourself would outrun two werewolves?"
If Irena's heart sank before, it screamed and wanted to break free from her chest at this piece of information. The man's foul breath of metal proved him right. She couldn't see his face clearly in the dark but her wand's light showed enough horror. He'd grabbed both of her forearms before bowing his head slowly toward her neck. She knew it was a matter of seconds before he bit her and her only hope was the wand pointing at the ground. "DIFFINDO!" Irena's shaky voice scratched her throat as she shouted the spell but that was insignificant to the result.
The man holding her had made the loudest cry of pain she had ever heard and fell on his back, without giving much thought to the reason the girl leaped backward and repeated it aiming at his stunned friend, "Diffindo!" hitting him right in the chest. The only thing Irena knew was that there was a lot of blood and a very awful moaning. Without hesitation, she faced the oak and murmured, "Revelio," fixing her runic stone to her wand and taping the trunk once.
Irena found herself facing a dimly lit room with a big old wooden table and a dozen stools around it. There were at least twenty faces staring at her. Only one of them mattered though. She spotted him, her childhood friend, best friend, the one who spoke her mind, the one to not mind her mood swings. Robin strode toward her and she expected a hug, or at top a friendly tackle but she found his mouth on hers. Her sadness exploded instantly and she took a short flight to the clouds. His hands were cupping her face and when he had to let go for breath, his forehead leaned on hers.
"I thought you were in the house," his voice was so low but more caring than ever, "I thought you were…" the last word lingered in the air like a ghost watching the couple. Irena was still panting and shaking, "I was. D-dad saved me.." her voice trailing away and her lump grew stronger. He wrapped his arms around her and buried his face into her hair, "Shhh. It's okay. Soon we'll be free."
Even now, twenty years later, Robin and Irena stared at her father's smiling picture and mourned the brave wizard who saved his daughter but stayed and died with his muggle wife. At least Irena longed that her love for Robin was just as strong. At the same time she was too scared that their love get tested the way her parent's had been, too scared that another Voldemort one day might prevail and unleash the underworld habitants again. Every night Irena prayed that the Potter's sacrifices, along with all the others, don't go in vain.

Kourtney Lams (Granger1814):

It was a hot day; sweltering hot, in fact, but thankfully Joan had just entered the Ministry of Magic. Ahhh, it felt so good in here! So much cooler than the sticky heat outside. She walked swiftly through the atrium and entered the lift with a number of other Ministry employees. She didn’t have long to wait, for moments later, the lift smoothly stopped at Level 2.
Stepping out, she greeted her friend, and fellow Auror in training, Destiny. “Another day of training…another step closer to becoming full fledged Aurors.” She repeated the same words every day when the two met in the main corridor. It had helped them both in working through the obstacles presented in their training. As of today, they were officially halfway through their training.
The two entered a room where their instructor awaited, along with several others. When all had quieted down, the instructor stepped forward to announce the next training exercise. First, they would be responsible for capturing a criminal, but could only use the binding spell Incarcerous. When they had been successful in doing so, they would move on to freeing a fellow Auror by using the severing spell Diffindo. It sounded simple enough, however, there was a wrench thrown into things, as it so often was. They would be working in dim light, be on a time limit, and would have obstacles in their path.
One by one, each trainee took their turn at capturing the criminal. Most were successful within the time limit. Others had to repeat their attempt for they were seconds late. Finally, it was Joan’s turn. Drawing in a breath, she raised her wand, eyes pinned towards the man acting as the criminal. A bell went off and the man began to run, zig-zagging in an unpredictable pattern. It was often said that, if you had to run, do it in a pattern instead of in a straight line. It made things more difficult on your pursuer.
And so it did. Joan took off at a run, her long legs pounding the floor as she kept the man within her sights. She kept her wand raised, and leaped over a box that had suddenly materialized in her path. Landing, she continued her run, mentally keeping track of how much time was remaining. She was getting closer, so she poured on the speed. It was hard to aim, but she kept her wand steady. And…DARN! A metal container rolled across her path. She swiftly side-stepped it, but this allowed the man to get further away.
With a growl of frustration, she ran faster, pushing herself. She was starting to get out of breath, but she was NOT going to fail this. Twenty seconds were left on the clock. She drew a target again and cried out. “Incarcerous!!” Ropes flew from her wand as she skidded to a stop. She watched as the ropes landed around the man and tightly bound him. With a yank, she pulled the criminal towards her, causing him to land heavily on the ground. Just as he did so, the bell sounded again. Success!
She leaned against the wall to take a breather until the next task, only silently giving congratulations to herself since no one else would do it. Two more trainees completed the task within the time limit and then it was time for the second part of the training. This task would be a little more dangerous in terms of freeing their fellow Auror. They would be working in complete darkness with only their sense of touch to guide them. Once more, the line went by quicker than she wanted it to, and she soon was called to take her turn.
Lights were shut off, and Joan was given the okay to begin about thirty seconds after. She closed her eyes completely, even though it was already dark enough, and used her sense of hearing to listen to the sound of breathing. She edged to the left carefully. What was that? Her head tilted to the right and she moved towards that direction. She thought she had heard a sound. By following the slight sounds, she was able to make a path through the dark until the light sound of breathing reached her. Bingo. Her hands fell forward, touching the obvious structure of a person. Fingertips searched until they touched coarse rope.
Now this was going to be the tricky part. Holding her wand steady, she traced where the ropes began and where they ended with her other hand. When she was confident that she knew where the ropes were, she cast the spell. Down, up, and down. “Diffindo.”
At once, she heard a laugh and the lights flickered on. “Nice job rookie.” Spoke the man whom she had freed. “Not a scratch on me.” Joan grinned and stowed her wand away. The first training of the day was a success.

Violet Blackthorne (MadAlice):

The Great Jabberwock Hunt

Once there were three who decided to set out and capture the almost-mythical and highly dangerous Jabberwock in order to study it for the sake of wizarding research. Earnest Blatherwold, the senior researcher, organized and led the expedition, and hoped to get a major article out of it to help revive his rather stale reputation (he had been brilliant in his youth, but now people called his work tired and old-fashioned--he hoped to prove them wrong). He was an expert in both Transfiguration and Care of Magical Creatures, but he knew his knowledge alone would not be enough on such a dangerous expedition, so he began to assemble a team to go with him.
Fauna Solstice, a young but brilliant witch, was selected for her skill in Charms (some folks said the fact that she was extremely pretty did not hurt, either). Fauna was excited at the chance to work with such a renowned expert in Magical Creatures, for she dearly loved animals of all sorts and considered even the dangerous and horrid ones merely misunderstood and unappreciated. To lead the expedition into the dangerous dark forests where the Jabberwock dwelled, Professor Blatherwold chose Baldwin Dashitall, the intrepid leader of many bold and risky ventures and an expert in the Defense Against the Dark Arts. Dashitall usually preferred more manly projects than some boring scientific journey, but the fearsome Jabberwock was a thing of legend, and Dashitall knew anyone associated with this project would have his picture in every wizarding magazine in the world (some folks said that the fact that the very pretty Fauna Solstice was also going did not hurt, either).
Early one morning in the spring, when the grip of winter was over but the touch of spring was not yet felt and the chilly, wet winds blew fiercely across the land, the expedition set out into the deep, dark, dangerous Forest of Darkenfel, the location of the last known sighting of the Jabberwock. Farther and farther into the forest the trio went, travelling for days and living off of Roswald Rippen's Reconstituted Wizarding Journey Food (which was not all that good, even when you added hot water like the directions said). At night they huddled together around their tents, because Professor Blatherwold would not permit a fire lest it alert the Jabberwock to their presence.
Blatherwold took these opportunities to tell many stories of the discoveries of his youth and was pleased to see the interest Miss Solstice showed in listening to them. Dashitall would then interrupt with some tall tale of some adventure or other that he had been involved in--always in a starring role, and Fauna also seemed pleasantly impressed by these. Blatherwold and Dashitall seldom spoke to each other when alone, however; Dashitall thought Blatherwold was a boring old fuddy-duddy, and the professor thought Dashitall was a shallow, attention-seeking fortune-hunter.
One day, late in the afternoon when evening was just about to fall, Professor Blatherwold heard the distinctive whuffling sound that the Jabberwock was known to make. Creeping stealthily through the dense woods, led by Dashitall, the little party moved in the direction of the sound until, through a break in the undergrowth, they saw the mythic creature itself rearing high in the air with eyes aflame, trying to get at the tender new leaves in the upper branches and totally unaware it was being watched. The trio spread out to surround the beast, wands at the ready, and, at a signal from the professor, aimed their spells in unison--"Incarcerous!" "Incarcerous!" Incarcerous!" Immediately strong ropes burst out of the three wands and wrapped themselves around the Jabberwock, which reared and bucked and struggled against them as it fell to the ground, but it was no use--magical ropes created using the Incarcerous spell are too strong to break, even for a Jabberwock.
The Jabberwock howled and shrieked and made some other hideous noises for which there are no words. It flailed as the ropes drew tighter and seemed to be choking on some that had fallen across its throat. "Oh, stop, stop, can't you see you're hurting it?!" cried out Fauna Solstice, but Baldwin Dashitall was too busy conquering the monster to hear her and Professor Blatherwold was too busy scribbling notes in his journal to pay attention. Finally Fauna could stand it no longer; she pointed her wand at the tightening ropes, concentrated on her aim with all her might, and shouted "Diffindo!" A jet of pink light shot out of her wand and neatly sliced through the ropes that were causing the Jabberwock such pain. Immediately the creature pushed and pulled against the bonds it sensed were weakening, and in no time at all, the Jabberwock had broken free! It bolted upright, howled loudly into the air, and looked wildly around with its flaming, red eyes.
Professor Blatherwold looked up from his notebook, gave a loud squeak, and turned and ran away into the woods. Dashitall pointed his wand at the beast and shouted out spell after spell, but the creature was moving so fast that none of them hit. Angered by the attack, the Jabberwock turned and started off in the direction of the brash young wizard, but it tripped over a rope across the clearing that Fauna had cleverly conjured with another Incarcerous charm behind its back. While the monster faltered, Fauna took Dashitall's hand and pulled him out of the creature's way and down another path out of the clearing until they were both hidden in the undergrowth. Meanwhile, the Jabberwock had gotten back to its feet, but it was too late--its prey was gone. Whuffling in rage, the creature bolted out of the clearing in a different direction, crashing through the trees and undergrowth as it went. The whuffling noise grew fainter and fainter, and finally it disappeared.
There was a great deal of bickering that went on as Baldwin Dashitall and Fauna Solstice made their way out of the Forest of Darkenfel (and as that took several long days, you can imagine how much). Dashitall felt Fauna had ruined his chances for fame, while Fauna thought Baldwin Dashitall was a very, very cruel man to have tried to hurt the poor Jabberwock when it had been minding its own business in the forest and not bothering anyone. But by the time they finally made their way out of the dark woods, Dashitall had begun to think Fauna's softness for animals to be rather endearing, and Fauna had begun to realize that Dashitall's bravery in trying to defend her from the escaped Jabberwock was quite heroic. Therefore, it really was no great surprise when the announcement of their engagement appeared in the papers a short while later (some time after Dashitall's multi-part saga of the dangerous and exciting expedition to find the Jabberwock and after Fauna's editorial, "The Jabberwock--Bloodthirsty Monster or Misunderstood Creature?"). As for Professor Blatherwold, no one has seen or heard of him ever since the fateful Jabberwock Hunt.

MJ Cacklesmaw (giant_squid_fan):

It was musty in the office, as if it had not been used for quite some time. Greta turned to switch the light on, but stopped when something moved behind her. The young woman pulled out her wand, pushing her back to the wall. Whatever it was, must’ve been watching her. Greta could feel its eyes boring into her. A shiver crept down her spine as she lit the end of her wand.
Greta was a twenty year old Swede just returning to the UK after a couple of years back home in Sweden. She’d been educated in England though, at Hogwarts. The school was partially her reason for returning. Her much younger sister was starting Hogwarts and Greta wanted to see her safely complete the long journey to Platform Nine and Three-Quarters. The Kroik sisters were very close, despite the age difference and Greta’s long absences during Heidi’s early childhood...
A scuttling sound brought Greta back to the present. In one fluid motion, she whirled round for the light and spun back, aiming a stunning spell towards the noise. The magic missed and rebounded off the wall, but it frightened the creature, which froze, halfway towards the woman. “Incarcerous!” Greta cried, before it had chance to run. The ropes that shot out of her wand found themselves wrapped around the strangest of creatures. It was something like a crab mixed up with a tortoise.
“A fire crab,” Greta sighed, tension falling from her like water. She was, however, still very cautious. Fire crabs shot fire from their rear ends, and for this reason were classified as XXX, although they were kept as pets occasionally. This one didn’t appear dangerous, so Greta crept closer to it. It was a fiery red colour with a tortoise shell and crab legs. As the young blonde drew nearer, the fire crab pulled its head back into its shell, eyes peeking out nervously.
Greta sat as close as she dared and gently severed the ropes with a soft cry of “Diffindo,” A few minutes later, she felt a leathery, wrinkled nose snuffling at her. Greta slowly moved her hand to touch the creature. At first, it backed off sharply, but it soon came back. Having decided that Greta came under the heading of friend and not foe, the creature began going through her robes, apparently looking for food. “How long have you been shut in here, I wonder?”
“Morning Fred! New girl arrived yet?” The tall, bearded wizard said to the Head of Department.
“Hello Reg! I sent her to have a look at her new office. She’s not come back yet.” The superior replied.
“Err… Fred?” Reg said, anxiously.
“You did tell her about old Bodgeley’s pet fire crab, didn’t you?”
“Oh Merlin help us!” Fred yelled, standing up so fast, the chair fell over.
Fred burst into the office, with Reg close behind him. Fred stopped so suddenly that the other (much larger) wizard ran into the back of him.
“Are you alright Miss… Err, Miss…?” Reg panted, over Fred’s shoulder.
“Kroik. Greta Kroik. He’s fine, now I know what he is. Although, I don’t think he’s been fed in a while…”

Aiden Jane Heartnett (sevensnared):

Jack and Zack are twin brothers who travel around the world, looking for first hand experiences. It could be encounters with rare magical creatures, duellists, or even dark creatures. One day after a long exploration, the brothers decided to set up a camp there in the middle of a forest. They did not realise that there were half dozen of bandits following them, thus they did not set up charms nor enchantments to protect their camp. Knowing very well regarding Jack’s and Zack’s power, the bandits did not attack until the twins fell asleep.
In the middle of the night, the younger brother, Jack, woke up and left the tent to take a leak. Everything happened so sudden, and Jack was struck by a spell that threw him to a tree bark. Shocked by the loud thudding sound, Zack rised up realising his brother was not in the tent. He could sense that his brother was in danger. Therefore, he quickly grabs his wand and went out of the tent, casting a non-verbal Lumos. About ten feet from their camp, Zack saw Jack surrounded by a group of bandits. The older brother thrusts his wand at one of the bandits’ direction. “Incarcerous,” he exclaims as a rope conjures from the tip of his wand and thus, tying up the targetted bandit. As the others scampered, Jack took the chance to withdraw his wand from his jacket, and threw a Stunning Spell at another bandit. It missed. The brothers chased them deeper in the forest. Lights of spells and curse flying everywhere.
Trees, stumps, bushes, and rocks became their shields and hiding places. Both sides went into silence for a while, catching their breaths before they sent another flying spells. When the brothers tried to catch their breaths again, the bandits took advantage to try to escape, but managed to be followed by the twins. From afar, Jack saw three silhouttes running side by side. The twins sent more Stunning Spell, and Disarming Charm whilst the other side repeatively casted the Shield Charm.
Suddenly, Jack thought of a brilliant idea. As the three bandits were running under trees, he makes a slashing movement with his wand towards one of the tree branches the bandits were about to run to. “Diffindo,” exclaimed the younger twin. The thick branch immediately fell into the three bandits, causing them to lose their consciousness. The next thing the twins did was splitting up to look for the other two. They are definitely not going to let those cowards go just like that! Not in a lifetime!
Zack spotted one and hid himself behind a tree. Jack spotted another, so he crouched behind a massive log to avoid detection. Cautiously, they tip-toed sneaking behind them, and the next thing the outlaws knew was there were wands sticking into their backs. They did not want to give up, but they are not in a good situation to fight back. They begged for mercy, kneeling in front of the two powerful wizards. Zack and Jack looked at each other smilingly which inappropriately made the bandits think they were forgiven. Unfortunately for them, they were stunned, and their memories of that event were erased. So did happened to the three unconscious folks.

Jory J. Stonewall (FearlessLeader19):

During the famous battle of Hogwarts when the Dark Lord was killed, Benjamin Smith was one of those who stayed to fight. The brave Hufflepuff dueled quite a few Death Eaters including Bellatrix Lestrange. The sixth year, Muggle born was having no luck in hitting Bellatrix with a spell because she was agile and kept dancing out of the way of every spell he cast. Benjamin was forced to duck behind something to protect himself when a stray spell hit a few lamps on the wall and shattered glass came raining down on him. Benjamin ran out of the way covering his head as he did so but not before some of the glass pieces scraped the top of his forehead which started to bleed.
Impatiently brushing the blood out of his eyes and trying to ignore the searing pain, Benjamin spun around he saw that Bellatrix was locked in combat with another student. The student – another sixth year- was not having much luck either. Running directly back into the fray, Benjamin pointed his wand at Bellatrix’s back and screamed ‘’Incarcerous!’’. Lengths of rope flew out of his wand and started to bind the Death Eater from her foot upwards causing her to fall to the floor. Benjamin gave a roar of delight and slapped a high five with the other student.
But that delight was short lived. There was suddenly a scream of range behind the two students and they spun around to see Bellatrix’s husband, Rudolphos running straight at them. Rudolphos shot a stunning spell at Benjamin but it miss and hit the student next to him. Before Benjamin had a chance to raise his wand, Rudolphos aimed his wand again and used the same spell Benjamin had used against Bellatrix. As Benjamin fell to the ground, his wand flew out of his hand and landed a few feet away from him.
Benjamin expected Rudophos to lean over him any moment and finish him off. But after waiting for what seemed like hours, Benjamin began to think about how to get out of his bounds. He raised his head as much as he could. All around him people were fighting and not paying attention to anything else, spells and curses illuminating the castle. It was then he saw his wand. As a piece of the rope was across his mouth, the only way to get it, Benjamin realized, was to summon it non verbally. He hadn’t mastered his completely but he tried anyway. “Accio wand,’’ he thought desperately. Nothing happened. He kept trying over and over but the wand was sill where it was. Benjamin was about to give up when the wand rose into the air and shot into his right hand when he repeated the non verbal spell again.
Inwardly rejoicing, Benjamin tried to sever the rope binding his right hand non- verbally. This took sometime too but summoning his wand gave him some confidence. “Diffindo!” he repeated over and over in his head. Finally, the ropes fibers started coming undone. Benjamin repeated the spell until that piece of rope was completely. Then the was able to remove the entire length of rope and free himself. Then bursting with confidence that he can take down a few bad guys, Benjamin threw himself back into the fight.

Indiana Hutchinson (RachieRu):

Coco stared at the dragon. Why had some silly person tied up this poor amazing creature? That was very mean, and the creature looked like it was in a lot of distress. Coco sighed, as she approached the big massive green dragon, patting its head gently. “It’s okay…I’ll save you.” She smiled, noticing that the dragon had relaxed a little more. That was good; she really didn’t want the dragon to be scared of her, because well Coco was sure that the dragon wasn’t going to let her save it if he was scared of her. Okay now Coco needed to figure out how she was going to safe the dragon. She had to get the ropes off.
Ooh. She knew! She could use the severing charm. If she used it carefully she would be able to successfully cut the ropes away, and then the dragon would be able to fly away. That would be very good. Coco pulled her wand out, and pointed it carefully at the ropes. She wasn’t to sever them, but she didn’t want to hurt the dragon. That wouldn’t be very beneficial. “Diffindo.” She said it with confidence, and the ropes cut, falling away from the dragon. Success. Coco beamed, pulling the ropes from the dragon. “You’re free now…” Which was a very good idea.
But as she did the spell she heard a shout behind her. Somebody was here! Coco turned around. It was the person that had tied the dragon up. Oh. Coco was not happy, and nor was this person apparently. They looked very big, and Coco was very small. This was not going to go good. Unless she could think of something to do. Something that would save her. Well she did still have her wand out, so maybe she could think of something there that would help her to beat this person. Ooh. She did know. Of course she did. She was going to give this man a taste of her own medicine.
“OH no you don’t.” Coco laughed, as she pointed her wand at the man. “Incarcerous. “ She shouted it with confidence, really wanting it to work. She aimed it at his body, and robes sprung her wand, and tightened around the man’s chest, knocking him to the floor. Perfect. Coco beamed, as she put her wand away, wandering over to the man. “That’s what you get for tying up innocent creatures.” She nodded, feeling tempted to kick the man. But she left him. She wasn’t that mean, and anyway she wanted to go make sure that the Dragon was actually okay. She frowned at the man one more time, before returning to the creature.
“He won’t be able to hurt you anymore.” She nodded with a smile, as she stroked the dragon gently, glad to see that all the robes had gone. Hmm. Now the dragon would be able to go. “You can go now….you’re free.” And with that she motioned for the Dragon to fly away, which is did, and seemed very happy about that. And now….Coco grinned at the man she had left on the floor, one last time, before running out of the room. Coco felt very proud of herself.

Jonathan Kim (hjhm):

It was indeed a dark night for both Leo and Mark. Having themselves stranded at the woods was nothing more but a frightening situation. Everything was dark, there was scratching, walking, mysterious sounds and it has been creeping them out. There was no warm shelter and there no warm bed. Nothing but the coldness of the wind and the horrible visions that flashes into their minds once in awhile. Getting lost is definitely not fun especially when you’re not familiar with your surroundings.

They both sat on a log and starred at the fire for awhile. Leo looked at Mark, he had nothing else to say but his mind had thousands of things. He is scared and Mark is scared. As the hours went by the wood started to turn into ash and the fire started to become smaller. Both of them have no intentions in sleeping for they were more scared of what is out there in the woods. Mark stood up “I’ll get more wood.” He suggested acting like a brave boy, holding his wand as he walked towards a different direction.

Leo waited for Mark. He also stared at the fire but his senses are observing the background. Then he heard someone walking, slowly at first but after awhile it got faster and faster as it got nearer to him. He took his wand out and was ready to attack. Where is Mark? He can’t just leave the guy alone. What if he comes back? Then suddenly someone attacked him from the back. He was covering up his nose but Leo fought back. It was all too sudden. Then when he finally got free from the attacker, he faced the attacker just to see who he is hiding from. Unlucky for him, it was a hooded figure, Leo could barely see his face. The attacker looked like he was ready to run and attack Leo again when suddenly “Incarcerous!” his wand pointing at the attacker and with much concentration, ropes flew over to the attacker and was tied up into the tree.

Meanwhile on the other side of the forest, Mark was getting a little bit lost. Why did he have to go in the first place? It was such a stupid idea to begin with. Then out of nowhere someone tackled him from behind. The attacker had a long, thick rope in his hand and was trying to strangle Mark. Lucky for him, Leo was running on the same direction. Leo paused at that moment. It’s the same hooded figure from earlier. His wand pointing at the rope “Glisseo!”. Mark broke free and point his wand to the hooded figure “Incarcerous”.

The two ran away as fast as they can. Ran so far away that they manage to finally reach the road. Whoah! Had they been running that far already? And the sun seems to be rising as well. Leo and Mark anyhow still ran even if there feet was tired and felt like breaking already. The hooded figures were still bothering them. They don’t know who they are and why they attacked them. One’s thing for sure, they’re never going back there. AGAIN.

Sierra Greingoth (Anna Banana):

Dear Daddy,
Now that I am away from the house and back here at the school, I do need to explain to you how your antique vase from your grandmother's grandmother is now broken and in need of repairing. First of all, you should know that it's NOT my fault. I'm not quite sure who to blame, but if I'd venture a guess, I'd say Mother Nature would be a nice place to start. You see, it all began the day after Christmas, when I was upstairs in my room and writing in my journal. Yes. I keep a journal, and no, it's not still at home. Anyway, I opened my bedroom window to get some fresh air, and wonder of all wonders, a tiny, green tree frog hopped inside my room. I know. I know. You're going to tell me I shouldn't have had the window open on a cold, winter day; but it was getting sort of stuffy in the house, and I needed to do something!
Okay, so back to this tiny, green tree frog (who is solely and completely responsible for the destruction of your grandmother's grandmother's antique vase). So I didn't really catch sight of him until he croaked out loud, and let me tell you one thing--if you've ever been near a frog when it's croaked out loud, you'll understand why I nearly jumped out of my skin upon hearing it. No, I'm not an easily-frightened child. As a matter of fact, I'm rough and tough and no one to be messed with. When you're sort of used to the peacefulness and quietness of a house in which only three people live and a bedroom in which only one person sleeps, you don't just go around all day expect to hear loud, random croaking noises. Having said that, I jumped to my feet, my wand at the ready (even though I'm technically not supposed to be using it outside the school).
So anyway, just at that moment, Anna--for those of you reading this who don't know Anna, she's my older sister, a legal adult and someone far within their rights to use a wand anywhere in the wizarding world they please--came into my bedroom, and she happened to hear the croaking noise, as well. Between the two of us, we scared that frog on into a corner of my bedroom. He hid underneath my lamp stand, and even though Anna magicked the lamp stand away from the corner and to the other side of the room, that frog still found a place to hide! Yup--you guessed it. He hid INSIDE your grandmother's grandmother's antique vase. "Do something!" I yelled to Anna. We flailed about, both waving our wand around, even though I knew I couldn't use mine. "Put your wand away!" she yelled back. "You'll accidentally cast!"
So I put my wand away. No way am I going to Azkaban for some stupid tree frog. "Get him out the vase!" I yelled back. "Do something---incarcerous him!" Anna motioned for me to stand back, although I really have no idea why. I wasn't even in the line of fire the ropes would be cast in. Nevertheless, I moved back. I didn't want some idiotic frog landing on me in an effort to capture him. I made a plan right then and there. When I got a hold of that frog, I was going to squish him and squeeze him until his eyeballs could be made into a potion ingredient! I know. I know. That's a little on the too-much-information side, but you should know me by now. I don't have a conscience when it comes to most things, nor do I care to have one. So while Anna aimed her wand at the frog, I called out the wand movements and incantations for her. Yes. She already knows them. I know this, but I was just too excited about capturing the frog to care.
"Incarcerous!" I called out. "Sweep your hand to the right, turn your wrist clockwise, and cast!" Anna gave me a look on that note, since she very well knew how to cast it, but then she cast anyway. The vase was captured, and therefore so was that blasted frog. The only problem was that the frog got so startled that he started hopping! He hopped so much that the vase rolled off the stand it was on, and onto the floor. It cracked into hundreds of tiny pieces. "Hurry!" I shrieked! "Cut the rope off, and let's piece this thing back together!" We ran up to the rope, and all the while, the frog was still croaking and hopping. "Diffindo!" I called out, giving Anna the next incantation. "Move down, up, and then down again--and then cast!" Anna gave me another look and then cut that rope wide open. The poor startled frog jumped out the vase, across the room, and then out the window. I sort of don't blame him, do you?
Anyway, you can find the pieces to the broken vase in the drawer of my lamp stand. I love you, Daddy, and remember--you're the best daddy in THE WHOLE WORLD!

Minerva Wheatborn (anolan807):

Minerva was walking through the castle to get to class. She was early as usual so she decided to go through the great hall and get a snack. When she walked into the great hall she noticed right away something was wrong. The usual food that was on the tables was not there and the enchanted ceiling was gone as well. Minerva walked slowly into the hall wondering what was going on. As she walked in slowly she heard screaming coming from the back of the great hall. She pulled her wand and hurried to the back of the castle what she saw made her drop her wand. Students were all tied up attached to chairs. Minerva hurried over, “Are you ok?” She asked a few of the students. They shook their heads, but didn’t say anything their eyes went to the door in the back of the great hall. Minerva got the hint that whoever tied them up was behind that door.
Minerva hurried and picked up her wand she pointed it at the group of students. “Hold still” she told them. Minerva saw an opening where the chairs met and no students were near so she decided to try to cut the ropes there. She steadied her hand and said “Diffindo” the ropes cut apart. “Hurry get out of here” Minerva said to the students. All the students rushed out of the great hall. Minerva started to head of the great hall when she heard the door begin to open she didn’t have time to get out so she hid under a table and hoped for the best. Minerva couldn’t see anything under the table, but she heard footsteps. They were getting closer and closer. Who was this and what did he want, Minerva wondered.
As Minerva hid she could hear a voice, “I know you’re here. Did you think you could save everyone?” The deep voice laughed. Minerva didn’t know any defensive spells so she terrified of being caught. Minerva sat tears beginning to form in her eyes. What was she going to do? The footsteps stopped Minerva thought the man might have left but she wasn’t sure. It was quiet this was her chance to escape she crawled from beneath the table and started to sprint for the door. She was almost out when she heard someone yell “Incarcerous” Minerva fell to the floor. She was tied up and couldn’t move. “LET ME GO” she yelled. The deep voice just laughed. “Thought you were going to get away did you? Your friends might have been able to leave, but you I am afraid will not be so lucky.” As Minerva was being turned over she saw who the voice belong to.
The dark haired man she had never seen before smiled at her. “Well you are just a young child. How did you get the ropes off the other children?” Minerva wasted no time answers. “Well I learned the spell in class a few weeks back.” Minerva didn’t know what the man wanted, but she wished she had never came into the hall, but alas she did at least save other students. The man chuckled at this “Oh I bet you’re a good little student aren’t you?” He then picked her up and carried her over to the chairs she had just let her classmates go from. “You will sit down here.” He then tossed her into one of the chairs still tied. “Who are you?” Minerva squeaked out. The man looked at her and gave an evil smile. “My name is Scripto, I once was a student here, but was expelled for being to..” He laughed, “dark is the best word. Now I am back to take over and show how dark I really am.” Minerva knew this was not good and she hoped no one else would show up while he was here.
The man was pacing the floor and then stopped suddenly turning his wand onto Minerva. “This won’t hurt at all” he chuckles. Minerva closed her eyes and hoped he was actually telling the truth, but before he could say a word Minerva heard another voice “Expelliarmus.” Minerva opened her eyes to see the headmaster standing at the great hall entrance. She breathed a little easier. “Incarcerous” he yelled pointing his wand at the strange man. The headmaster then came to Minerva. “Are you ok?” Minerva looked at him, “H how did you know I was here?” She got out in a tiny voice of fear and relief. “It is Hogwarts we know everything” he gave a little smile. “No, no the other students that you saved came and found me and told me what was going on in here so here I am.” Minerva thanked each of the students in her head as she sat there still tied up. “Umm headmaster could you please ..” “Oh yes, sorry Diffindo” he said as he pointed his wand to the ropes. Minerva got up she wanted to hug the headmaster, but wasn’t sure she should. “Thank you for saving me.”

Beatrice Evangeline Castell (tomewitch):

Sometime ago during a full moon, two friends walked side by side. They were Francis and Ivan. The two of them had known each other for quite a while now. Ivan and his family had moved to Francis’ place in accordance to his mother’s work being transferred in that area. They have met on a cold winter morning when Ivan was outside playing snowball fights with some of his own circle of friends. Francis had introduced himself to them and they had rather got on very well.
For that time now, the two of them were often seen playing chess together. The two become the best of friends. Yet on this one night, something was bound to happen. Something that none of them had expected.
“That party was sure lot of fun!” Francis said as they walked under the sparkling moon. “I agree. One of the best yet,” said Ivan, nodding. They continued conversing and as they did, they laughed, chuckled and had a wonderful time. What they did not know was that they were being followed by something they had not yet been acquainted with. “Francis, there’s someone behind us,” Ivan whispered in almost a hush. He had felt that presence since they left the party. It had been following their every turn. “Who do you think it is?” The other boy inquired. Ivan didn’t reply. He concentrated hard to identify their follower.
Though they had been friends, there was something that Francis did not know about Ivan. That he was actually a wizard. And with his wizarding skills, he had identified the creature that had been following them as a werewolf. At that moment, he knew he had to do something to make Francis lose consciousness and defeat the werewolf as to not expose the existence of the Wizard World. He placed his hand in his wand holster inside his shirt and got ready to stun his friend when the werewolf had pounced on them.
The two of them lost balance. And Francis’ bag had been thrown beside the sidewalk. They had fallen on the ground as the werewolf snarled in between them. “A werewolf!” Francis shouted. Ivan looked at him with inquiry as to why he had known such a creature. But it was definitely not a time to chat. Immediately, he aimed his wand at the werewolf, ready to attack but it was fast and it had hit him, sending him flying to a tree. “Ivan!” Francis ran to help his friend but the werewolf was closing in on him and so he chose to grab his friend’s wand which was most close to him, pointed it to his bag, yelled “Diffindo!” at it. And instantly, his bag had stripped open! Francis ran to grab his own wand inside his now cut bag. Ivan who had witnessed it immediately concluded that his friend was also a wizard. And when he saw that Francis also has his own wand, he stood up quickly, pointed his wand at the werewolf and the two of them exclaimed, “Incarcerous!” With that, thick ropes had bound the werewolf in thin air.
The two of them looked at each other, “You’re a wizard.” Ivan said to Francis, “And so are you,” Francis said in return. While the two of them laughed, officers from the Ministry of Magic had arrived.

Gideon Gert (Macavity):

Celeste knew she had to do something. Anything. He had taken her son and she would do anything in her power to get him back. She sighed as tried to think in her mind what sort of plans to have when face to face with her opponent. Damien and Andy had been separated from her by Grant's antics and while she hated being alone not knowing what else to expect, she had to believe everything was going to be alright in the end. She was a Gryffindor after all.
No time like the present to be brave.
A cry was heard from the distant and she cringed in pain. The woman knowing without a shadow of a doubt it was her son despite the distance and walls apparently between them. She opened her mouth almost about to call assure the young boy she was coming but quickly closed it. There was no point in warning Grant of anything, especially not her position within his maze of a house. Celeste did make a sound when the cry was followed by loud noises almost like a fight.
"Hello my dear Celeste..." the man in question's voice rang out behind her causing Celeste to spin around, her vision scaning the relative darkness for him. "Incarcerous!" Grant cast with a mischievious laugh as the spell worked and ropes shot out to from his wand enrapture his prey causing her to cry out in surprise. The murderer stepping out from the shadows where he had apparated after his failed fight with the woman's husband. "You always were easy to trick and catch. So what... if I lose your son back to Damien's custody. You will be so much more fun to play with," he commented pulling her close to him with the ropes around her.
"Let me go Grant!" Celeste cried out as she was pulled close to the man who had tried to kill her and her family for years. The woman struggling in the rope's hold which only made Grant laugh more since it was nearly useless for her to fight it, she'd only waste her strength. She always wished he had just given up after a while seeing as it if it wasn't for her and her actions he'd still be tied down and kept from his choice of life. But no...they had to live in danger though Grant had been quite for some years.
Why now of all time?
"Nuh uh uh...not what I want," Grant said with a shake of his head begining to move them both down the hallway and around a corner. The man knowing of course the direction in which they were going bit all Celeste could tell was it was in the direction away from her family. She sighed as she continued to struggle but a little less strongly. At least those she loved would be safe and sound at least for now. "What? Has the brave yet foolish woman I know you to be giving up on the fight? Do I need to start the pain already to get you to struggle?" Grant threatened in his usual murderous tone.
"Diffindo!" The voice of Damien Gert rang out as the man cast the severing spell at the ropes holding his wife hostage. They fell with ease to the floor freeing Celeste. She couldn't help but look in the direction it came to see her other half safe and both sons as well beside him and she ran to their side before her capturer to do anything to stop her. Grant groaned in anger and frustration, knowing he had no chance at being successful now that they were all together and he held no upper hand anymore.
"We're not finished...we never will be until you all fall at my hands," he threatened before disappearing.

Selina Skylar (fanficfanatict):

Once upon a time in a far off castle lived a Princess named Selina. Princess Selina was everything that most Princesses were not. She was tough, loud, ate more food than a knight twice her size, witty and above all else wore men's trousers around her castle. To her kingdom she was the most unusual princess they had ever had. While Selina's sister, Princess Kurumi, was the treasure of her people- the Leo Rubens. Kurumi was smart, polite, well spoken, ate normal amounts of food and glided whenever she walked in her long, beautiful gowns. However, the two sisters, although severely different, were the best of friends. They did everything together.
In the neighboring kingdom, Prasinus Serpentis, lived an evil queen and her wicked step daughter. The evil queen, Lafayet, and her step daughter ruled their kingdom with an iron fist and did not approve of their neighboring royals at all. They believed the two Princesses to be too crass and independent for their own good. Therefore, to spite good king Charles, Kurumi and Selina's father, Lafayet sent out her evil henchmen one day to capture the two Princesses.
The two sisters were traveling in the woods on the day of their capture looking for a walnut tree seed to bring back to the castle as a present for their father. Suddenly, the bushes rumbled and the henchmen jumped out from the bushes. It was two against eight. They were easily over powered, however, Selina drew her wand against the men and started to duel them to the best of her ability. But the henchmen were too strong they overtook Kurumi in the madness and tied her up with an evil spell, Incarcerous! Selina fought for her sister, but she was too late... Kurumi was taken.
Selina returned to her castle beaten and bruised. King Charles, when he discovered what had occurred, sent out a call to his best knights to come to the castle. When they all arrived he instructed them to go and save his daughter from the evil Lafayet. The one noble and cocky knight, Sir Gideon of the House of Gryffindor, pledged to his king, "My king, I promise you that I shall return your daughter safely back to your castle. And when I do I shall take her hand and serve you as son and knight."
All the while as the Knight Gideon spoke the Princess Selina stood by rolling her eyes. He would not be able to protect her sister and Kurumi would never marry him. He was too pompous and snarky to even be considered by her nice and beautiful sister, "Alas sir," she spoke up, "I do believe that you would not be able to get past the guards in Serpentis, never mind save my sister."
He shot back at her, "With all due respect, milady, I do believe that this battle is one for the men."
That one comment drew Selina into a rage. She excused herself from the men of the room and scurried to her room to pack for a journey. She was going to stow away as an adversary to the knights setting out to save Kurumi.
The following day, dressed in a Page's clothing, Selina hopped aboard a horse and rode off with the men toward Serpentis. The following three days of riding and brief brawls with ruffians along the way Selina, under the alias Simon, served the knights well and kept them good company.
On the third eve, she sat by the fire with the knight Gideon who was relaying tales of his adventures. Selina thirsted to be a part of all his grand adventures. She longed to be out and fighting with her father's knights and not stuck in a castle all day long tying her corset. She wanted to be out on the road.
So when the knights went to rest Selina sat by the fire dreaming of her own adventures. She heard a rustle and turned her head to see the knight Gideon sit beside her. The two, over the past three days, had become quite close. Especially after "Simon" had saved his life in the great forest when the troll was about to slit his throat. Gideon sighed and spoke, "Do you ever dream of the stars, Simon?"
Selina coughed and replied, "No sire, I can't say that I do."
"I do," the knight Gideon replied, "More than anything. There is such beauty in the universe I cannot understand why there is ever any cause to fight."
"But your adventures...!" Selina protested.
"Ah yes, my adventures. May I be blunt, Simon?" Selina nodded and he continued, "I fight because it is my duty. However, I would be content to just fly amongst the stars. To do something with my life for one moment that made me feel..."
"Normal," the two said in unison. They both widened their eyes at the fact that they had just spoken together the same wish.
Knight Gideon laughed, "You see.. if you were a woman I would surely fight for you, Simon. You speak so truly and bluntly. Alas women do not think like men. They are as deep as a shallow pond. I long for someone who understands what I want, to fly amongst the stars."
"But sir," Selina protested, "you do not know women like that do not exist."
"I do not delude myself, Simon. I dream of the impossible, so I dare to not dream at all. Country first, happiness second." And so Gideon excused himself and went to bed over by the trees.
The following day the merry band of knights approached the castle where Kurumi was kept refuge. It took less than fifteen minutes for them to storm the evil queen's castle. Once they got past the guards they fought forty men to arrive at the queen's chamber. Simon and Gideon fought back to back, each cutting down twenty men on their path to save the princess. They finally arrived at the door and Gideon smiled at Selina. She felt, for the briefest of moments, her heart lurch and the two bust open the door.
There... in the middle of the room... was Kurumi tied up to a chair with a gag in her mouth. Selina panicked and dropped her facade to help untie her sister. She stirred Kurumi awake and the princess looked upon her sister in shock. She whispered, "Selina?"
"Diffindo!" a voice screamed from behind Selina. Selina let out a cry of pain and fell to the floor dropping Kurumi's rope. Behind Selina with her wand in hand was Lafayet.
Gideon screamed and drew his sword, "Simon!" He turned to Lafayet, "You evil witch!"
"Details, sweety," Lafayet cooed. Then she turned to Selina and cackled, "Well, well, well. if it isn't the misfit Princess... Princess Selina. All dressed up as a page I see."
There was a clatter on the floor. Gideon had dropped his sword and stood with his mouth agape. Lafayet looked at the knight and laughed, "You did not know? Foolish boy. Stop dreaming and wake up. Your friend is a girl and a foolish one at that. And now she will be a dead girl."
Lafayet picked up Selina from the scruff of her shirt and placed a dagger to Selina's throat. Selina squeaked out, "I-I wanted to tell you. There was just so much I couldn't..." Lafayet stopped her by drawing the dagger closer in a threatening manner.
"Oh dear, oh dear. Do I suspect what I think I do? Oh this is too precious. The tomboy misfit Princess and the knight in shinning armor? This makes me laugh. Be thankful that I am killing you child."
Gideon picked up his sword and pointed it toward Lafayet, "Let her go! You will pardon her!"
Lafayet widened her eyes and let out a dark cackle, "Oh dear... you too my boy? This makes things even better." She tucked a hair out of Selina's face and whispered in her ear, "Alas... parting is such sweet sorrow. Say night night!"
A sword plunged into Lafayet's chest and she fell to the ground. Selina took a deep breath of air fell away from the now dead, evil witch. Standing above the evil queen was Kurumi with a sword in hand, "Night night."
The two girls embraced and rejoiced over their reunion and the defeat of the evil Lafayet. However, Gideon and Selina did not speak. He was too hurt by her lies.
When they returned back to the castle a large ball took place to celebrate the savior of Princess Kurumi. While the party commenced Selina stood out on the terrace looking up at the stars. A voice spoke out, "I always thought that the stars were the most wonderous things in the universe..." Selina turned around and saw the knight Gideon standing there.
"I'm so sorry..." she began, but he walked over to her and kissed her lightly. When he pulled away she stood there stunned, "W-what...?"
He smirked at her and said, "You know, the stars are sort of over rated. I have a lot more adventure in this misfit, midget Princess than anything the stars can offer me..."
She punched his shoulder, "Good... I'm glad you have your priorities straight."
"Well... Milady we shall just have to see..."

Kurumi Hollingberry (sweetpinkpixie):

I had been alone for so long that I had forgotten what it was like to be among others like me. If it were not for the times where I bent down to take a drink out of the crystal clear waters of the forests, I would have even forgotten my own appearance. My silvery white body, long mane and silky tail. Being the only one left of my kind in the forest was something I never imagined would come to had.
On day, as I grazed on the grass, my hooves glistening in the spring sunlight, I heard something - a twig snapping behind me, and I had lifted my head to cast my violet eyes on whoever it was that had made their presence known in my forest.
"Looky t'ere! We've finally found one," said a disgusting looking man with bucked teeth and an eye patch. "'Urry with the net."
"You idiot," barked another, this one with a partially deformed face and a scar across his cheek. A scar that I recognized immediately as one coming from a golden horn. The same horn that lay on my forehead. "Nets won't work on 'em! Yous got to use magic."
Before I had time to react to this, the deformed man had removed an oddly shaped stick from his dirty clothing and waved it in my direction. "Incarcerous!" he had shouted, and suddenly thick ropes wrapped around me like horrid vines. I remember falling to the ground, neighing and thrashing about, trying to free myself from the ropes, but every time I moved, they only tightened.
I whinnied for help, but the other man cast the same spell on me to nuzzle me.
"'Urry now, wes can be cau't 'ere like this," one of them snorted, poking the other to remove something from their robes.
It was then that I saw it, the glisten of a blade in the midafternoon light. No...not like this... Those of my kind lived for centuries. Were too pure to be slain by the hands of man. Did they not know the consequence of their actions? That they would be living only a half life? A cursed life at best? I thrashed about more, trying to break free, but only more robes were conjured and I became paralyzed by both fear and the greediness of man.
But then, there was a flash of another light. A vibrant red light like I had never seen before and a rich voice like wine shouted. "Diffindo!" The knife split into two clean pieces and the top fell into the ground, digging into the soft ground of my home. My violet eyes darted around, trying to see where the light had come from, but I could see nothing.
Soon, different colored lights filled the air like fireworks in the middle of the day. The two men that had imprisoned me fell to the ground, not dead - I could tell because there was still light in their eyes - but stunned. I thrashed around more, trying to break free. Whoever it was that had stunned this men surely meant to take me as their prize. Men were very greedy creatures.
However, what greeted me was not some monster, but a man with piercing blue eyes that seemed to be able to see me and a me that I never knew existed. His brown hair fell around his face like a halo and his features were both frightening and beautiful. I had never seen a creature like him before and thought that if this is how I would see the end of my life that I welcomed it.
"Diffindo," he had repeated, and the ropes around my fallen body came off. Free at last, I pushed myself off the ground, shaking whatever might have remained off and took a look at myself in the water. My horn glistened and I tossed my head around, allowing my white mane to flow freely in the breeze. I turned back to him, my savior and felt...something...something that one of my kind should never feel for unicorns do not feel such things. "You are free now," he said giving a small bow before turning away. I whinnied to the air. He couldn't leave already.
He turned to look at me and I felt that feeling again. It was wonderful and I begged magic to take pity on the fool that I was to grant me one selfish wish. His eyes widened and before I knew what was happening, my form began to change and within moments I had transformed. My mane was still there, but now it was so long that it dragged among the flowers. My hooves had changed to match his and I could see myself in the reflection of his blue eyes. Eyes as blue as the waters from which I always drank.
He stared at me and I felt in that instant that I had found a happily ever after when I thought that I would remain forever alone. However, I reminded myself then that there is no such thing as happily ever after because nothing ever ends.

Janice Elizabeth Trewhella (cheesestrings):

That word started the battle. The wand in the hands of a bearded wizard with half-moon spectacles spat out a jet of red light, but the spell missed its target by inches. The target, apparently the same age of the bearded wizard, casted a protective shield around him to avoid being disarmed.
“Please,” said the bearded wizard,” Please. End it before we even start, Grindelwald.”
“I have not backed away from an invitation before, Albus,” replied Grindelwald,” and I shall not back away from this one!”
“It is not an invitation!” Albus Dumbledore’s voice grew frighteningly calm.
“Then it’s forced! Avada Kedavra!”
“Stupefy!” Jets of red, green, purple, and even black light flew in every direction. Pieces of the ceiling started to fall, and by the end of the day the building was no higher than a toadstool.
“Incarcerous! Diffindo!”
“Simple spells, eh, Albus? Try these! Confringo! Crucio! Avada Ke—“ A piece of the ceiling missed Grindellwald by an inch, but it was enough to break his concentration. He lept up in surprise, and was disarmed mid-air by Albus Dumbledore. His wand flew towards Albus, who kept it for safety measures in the foldings of his robes.
“I shall send some words to the officials,” said Dumbledore, “and it shouldn’t take a long time for them to come.” There was no need of notifying the officials for they have already stand in the doorway. Most of them have their jaw opened, but none interfered. After recovering from their shock they quickly put the Dark Wizard’s hands in cuffs and brought him out. One asked Dumbledore for his wand.
“Oh, here it is,” said Dumbledore. The young man thought for a while, then returned the wand to it’s new master. “Never mind, it’s yours now since you disarmed him,” he said. Dumbledore returned the wand back into the foldings of his robes.

Erin Cornelia Heyman (WitchLight27):

Marlon Guru and Jay Luza had always been the rival duo in the Wizarding community. Almost every witch and wizards knew these two and the danger they impose when they meet. Fear was always in the face of adults and children alike. How they pray for these two to die with no innocent wizards dying because of their fights. Holy Merlin, they're great with their own crafts.
Airen was one half-blood with a father who's a Pureblood and a mother who's a pure Muggle. She knew quite a few of spells in her third year of studying at Hogwarts. Her father's a good teacher. He's the one who taught her most of the spells she knew. Two of them were Diffindo and Incarcerous. She loved using the former spell because of its ability to cut or rip objects. And when she's on fights, Incarcerous was always first on her list. She readied herself for a long time in using these two spells in her dueling times.
It was already nighttime when Airen went out for some fresh air. She agreed to meet her friend Lysa for some bar hopping bonding. She came for like an hour of waiting. "Lysa! Finally, you're here," said Airen. While they were travelling with their brooms, they came to a place where there were no lights. They heard something from an abandoned building. It was definitely a duel, a powerful one.
They knew his face, it was Guru who saw them staring. "Stupefy," he shouted towards Lysa. And Lysa was stunned. What to do? Airen couldn't think right. She needed to stop Guru from hitting her too. Hastily, she waved her wand and muttered, "Incarcerous." In that instant, Guru was tied with ropes and he couldn't move. She then looked at Luza and casted the same spell. "Rennervate!" she said pointing her wand towards her friend Lysa and she came back to consciousness. Before the two wizards could even counter the Incarcerous spell, Airen run with her friend.
In a swift fluid motion, Airen and Lysa run away from the place of the fight. A huge rock blocked their way. "Diffindo!" and it was cut into pieces. She knew they could escape from here even with minor injuries. All that's going on in her mind is that any place from here would be a safe one. Airen and Lysa, two witches who escaped the two of the feared wizards of time.

Jesifur Hitchens (jesifur):

Our Wizard Rodeo

My father took me once to a rodeo. For those who do not know a rodeo is a kind of celebration/sport muggles sometimes do. Not just any muggles though. Cowboy muggles. They wear funny denim/canvas and leather pants and oddly patterned shirts(sometimes with fringe!) and tall heeled boots with metal spokes at the heels. My first time at the rodeo I saw the cowboys rope calves, and ride bulls. We watched in amazement as they took the ropes and with their own hands threw them. The looped side of the rope would land around the calf's neck and the cowboy would tie it up, again by hand. I asked my dad if we could try it once we got home. He smiled broadly back at me.
Once we got home that day my dad pulled some rope from the shed and made a cowboy loop on the end and showed me how to throw it like a real cowboy. I tried many times but could not even throw it a foot, let alone rope the stump I was aiming for. That's when my dad said, "Let's be wizard cowboys, Fur." with a twinkle in his eye.
He ran into the house and got some wild patterned shirts. We put them on. I looked up at him curiously. He took aim at the stump, wand poised and shouted, "Incarcerous!" Rope shot out of his wand and wrapped around the tree. He handed me his wand. "Try it Fur. Imagine ropes wrapping round the tree take aim and say in-car-cerous." I looked at him wide eyed. I turned to the stump took aim and said, "incarcerous." String shot out of the wand and landed a half a foot away from the tree.
"Don't fret Fur, that's actually really good for an eight year old, (don't tell your mom we did this) go ahead and try again. Concentrate hard." I steadied my resolve, imagined rope tying up the tree and shouted, "Incarcerous!" String again, though thicker this time shot out of the wand and hit the tree landing in a pile at the roots. "Very good, Very Good," my dad beamed at me. "We better get this cleaned up before your mom gets home. Let me teach you another. This one you must be careful with, it's a slicing one." He took his wand back and took aim at the ropes wrapped around the tree, "diffindo." The first loop of rope cut away from the tree and fell to the ground. "We'll take it slow, one loop at a time, you do the next, you saw the wand movement. concentrate on slicing the next loop and say di-fin-do."
Again my father handed me his wand. I took aim at the next loop on the tree thought of it being cut and said, "Diffindo." Nothing happened. I looked up at my dad, disappointment in my eyes. He walked me over to the tree. "Look, you did slice it." I looked at the rope, sure enough it was all frayed and only being held by a few strands. I touched the area, the rope fell free. We walked back over a few feet away again. I handed my dad his wand back. He took aim, "Diffindo!" Dads spell hit and sliced through two links of rope, leaving one left for me. He handed me his wand. Once again I took aim imagining the ropes being sliced fully and falling away I shouted "Diffindo!" The last bit of rope fell from the tree. "I did it!" I shouted, I hugged my dad and handed him his wand back. "I really think wizard roping is much easier than the way those muggle cowboys do it. It really make me appreciate the fact I can do magic."

Kennedy Escalante (Bubbles):

The Dragon and the Princess

Redwood was a small, magical village in the center of massive mountains that provided nutrients to it's citizens. It would've been a perfect setting for a calm town, if only they weren't terrorized by a gigantic dragon on every full moon. What baffled the town's people the most was that it never took any of their food, materials or citizens. The king of Redwood, Rufus Ruldron, had grown tired of these happenings and finally decided to do something about it. Three weeks before the full moon he had the town's wizard army ready for battle.
Rufus's daughter, Princess Pamela, didn't agree with this, “You're a young witch, I don't expect you to understand,” her father had told her when she tried to stop the attack. One day Pamela and Rufus had huge argument and she ran from home to her sanctuary; a lake. This lake was special to her it held the clearest water and most beautiful flowers she's ever seen. When she got there she noticed something different. She had never seen the large boulder next to the patch of white lilies. As her eyes focused she saw that it was no boulder, but a scaly, sleeping dragon.
Derek the dragon was having a bad day. He knew the time of the month was nearing, he hoped that this time the town's people would help him. This would be the tenth year in the body of a dragon. He was fifteen when a dark witch put a curse on him, and only because his father wouldn't marry her. The only way the curse could be broken was by performing strong magic during a full moon, that is why he made his way down to Redwood on every full moon so they could help him. Now, he found himself trying to take a nap by the peaceful lake and trying to find a way to communicate with the folks.
He woke with a start when he heard something, his bright amber eyes snapping open and searching for the culprit. He stood up on all fours and flapped his gigantic wings, rustling the trees and grass that surrounded him. Derek stared down at the fragile looking girl, who seemed to be around his age... If he had been human. “Stay,” the girl said, standing still where she was. Wasn't she scared of him? Derek's defense mechanisms kicked in and he roared his mighty roar, still, the girl stood where she was. “You don't have very nice breath, do you?” she said. Derek, caught of guard backed away and scoffed.
It didn't take much after that for Derek and Pamela to become friends (although she was still oblivious about the fact that he was human). Then, the day they both had been threading came, but they had come up with a plan they hoped would work. Princess Pamela and Derek would both go down to the village together to demonstrate that he wasn't dangerous and as they did just that, they were confronted by Rufus's wizard army. Pamela tried to explain that Derek was a nice dragon and was misunderstood, but her father stood his ground. “I'm sorry my dearest, but I'm going to have to force you to sit out of this one,” he said, taking his wand out, “Incarcerous!” Rufus flinched as the ropes that had sprung from his wand captured his only daughter, but it was for her own good he reasoned with himself.
At that, Derek lost control of his emotions, you see he had grown very fond of the witch, much too fond. His goal was to free her, but Rufus's army mimicked his spell and ropes from all around captured him. “You will not disturb us again, Dragon!” bellowed the man, pointing his wand at the beast's chest. Pamela had managed to reach her wand and untie herself and ran so she was between her father's wand and the dragon. “Diffindo!” she cried, freeing Derek from her father's spell. She explained to everyone how she met the dragon and that he never tried hurting her. Rufus then questioned why the dragon had terrorized the town for so long and that's when Derek showed him a marking he had on his left leg. Rufus quickly acknowledged that as the Witch's curse, he then understood what the dragon had been trying to tell them for ten years. After a few hours of research, Pamela and her father found the magical text and managed to break the curse. Derek, back in his human form, didn't know how to repay them and vowed to help the village with anything he could. Rufus forgave him and gave him freedom. Years later, Derek and Princess Pamela got married and the story of the Dragon and the Princess lived on, but only as a fairy tale.

Mia Gibbins (Mell):

Once upon a time there was a beautiful witch by the name of Crystal Swann. She lived in a small wizarding village on the outskirts of Nottingham and she was by far the fairest of all the witches. Which of course meant that she attracted the attention of many wizards.
Two wizards in particular. Peter Princeton was your typical Gryffindor. Good looking, brave, chivalarous, the total hero. You get the picture. And then there was Vincent Varmond. The Slytherin. Sneaky, cunning, ambitious and likes to have his own way.
Now these two wizards vied for Crystal's attention for years and the witch being the superficial little so and so that she was, went out with the two not being able to decide which wizard she wanted to be with. Well that was until when they all came of age and Peter was the one with the better career and so Crystal accepted his proposal.
Well of course Vincent didn't take too kindly to this and one night while Crystal was primping herself in front of the mirror, Vincent busted into her room. "Incacerous." he bellowed, ropes flying from his wand and wrapping around the girl who rejected him. He lifted Crystal's struggling form into his arms and whisked her away to the nearest railway tracks and laid her across them. "I seen this in a muggle movie once." he told her as he laughed manically and twirled his moustache.
In the distance the light of an oncoming train appeared and Crystal began screaming. Vincent took out his wand to silence her when all of a sudden his wand flew from his hand and into the hand of...yeah you guessed it...Peter Princeton. How could he possibly have known where to find them, you may ask. Well this is Peter, he is the hero of the story and they know all. Nah, in actual fact, Vincent had been sprouting off about what he was going to do to Crystal and they told Peter.
With a flick of his wand, Peter sent the full body bind at Vincent before running over to Crystal, who was wimpering softly as the train grew ever closer. "Never fear, Crystal my dear. You hero, Peter, is here." he said with a triumphant smile and his wand raised in the air.
"Untie me you dolt. The train is coming." she screamed at him and was seriously having second thoughts about marrying the moron. Peter, cleared his throat and gave her a sheepish look before pointing his wand at the ropes. "Diffindo."
Crystal scrambled to her feet and gave her 'Prince' a withering look. "Took you long enough." With a flick of her wand she cast a non verbal 'Incacerous' at both Peter and Vincent and hung them from a tree. She decided then and there that she should marry a Hufflepuff.

Victoria DeCour (GoldenSnake):

"There!" cried Broketooth, a Snatcher, as she rushed to the movement along the trees. “It must be another mudblood!” he said to his followers, who are rushing right beside him. When he saw a glance of the sand blonde hair that’s whipping by, he aimed at the terrified girl and yelled “Incarcerous.” Ropes sprang from his wand and wrapped itself around the girl, who fell from the powerful spell and struggled hard as she tried to unwrap herself. Broketooth starred fiercely down at the girl, gritting his blackened teeth.
“Blood statues?” The girl tried to mumble through the tightly fastened rope. “Right.” The Snatcher said with no pity in his expression. “Your mouth is tied. Diffindo!” He pointed at the girl’s mouth. The ropes next to her mouth slip open, cutting along the surface of her lips from Broketooth’s carelessness. Tears are floading down the girl’s reddened cheeks, but Broketooth has no patience for this. “Blood statues?” He asked again.
“Pu..pu…pure…blood.” The girl studdered.
Snatcher merely sniggered. “Yeah right. Let’s settle it this way. You in Slytherin?”
The girl nodded hopelessly.
“If you can tell me the entrance to the Slytherin Common room, then you’re free.”
The girl starred up blankly at the laughing Snatcher and his companions.
“No? Well that’s ten more galleons for me. Incarcerous!” Ropes again swam around the girl’s mouth, and tightened it.

Harvey Watson (EW_FAN):

Story of Emma saving Dean Dean was having such a good time with his girl Emma; this was the best time of his life. He had the best girl in his life what else was needed; he spent most of his time with Emma. But soon someone else also had his eye on Emma he was called Goldie, and he was not the good guy like Dean was. He wanted to use Emma for his own needs and desires. Dean nor Emma knew of his plans to use Emma, so they would hang out together as usual not knowing that they were being followed. He was watching their every move looking for a good opportunity to make Emma his.
One day he noticed that Emma and Dean had a single routine for the mornings, they would go for a stroll, and then they would spend some time in a park. From there they would part, he would go to work and she would do some errands that were needed to be done, surprisingly there were many. Afterwards Goldie noticed that she went to many places, including friend’s houses before returning home. He then planned when to kidnap her, he had written where she went and at what time. So he went home and decided on a full proof plan to kidnap her and make sure that no-one knew that she was gone.
So then next day Goldie followed Emma wherever she went. Suddenly he remembered that the best time to take her would be when she and Dean separate after their time at the park. So he decided to wait another day and take her when she separates from Dean at the park. So next day Dean and Emma went out for their normal stroll and then some time in the park. Soon Dean got up “Sorry babes I got to go now, that work won’t be done by itself.” He told her as he kissed her forehead “You have a fun day now, you hear” he said to her. He then gave her one final hug before leaving for work, and then she was on her own. This was the perfect chance for Goldie to kidnap her for himself.
So he kidnapped her in a quiet road that had no-one in it, he took her to his lair. But just then Dean realised that he had forgotten his wallet with Emma. So he went back but he could not find Emma, so he went to look for her but could not find her. So he went asking around and luckily someone had seen that Emma was kidnapped, and Dean knew where he had taken her. So he went there and saw that Emma was in a body bind spell. He could not see Goldie around so he went up to her and cast the Diffindo spell on her to free her from the Body Bind spell.
But just then he saw Goldie come out of the shadows, and Goldie was not happy to see Dean there and was about to cast a spell when Dean decided to cast the same Body Bind spell on Goldie. So he cast it and then he cast the Petrification spell and left with Emma. He then decided to leave the country with Emma, so that Goldie would not be able to find them. Next day he heard the news that Goldie was killed in a landslide that had happened after Goldie casted a spell in anger. Then Dean and Emma lived happily ever after.

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