Trent Hirty served as the Groundskeeper (2061-62) at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Name: Trent Hirty
Age: 44+
Birthday: 19th August 2017
Previous House: Hufflepuff
Previous Occupation: Hotel Owner
Homeplace: Scotland, Glasgow

History: Trent was a muggle born and a Hufflepuff in his school years. His parents were both shocked at his letter and thought it some practical joke, Trent knew a bit better; he had done unexplainable things in the past and this had just summed it up. When he left school with 6 OWLS and 3 NEWTS he worked in a restaurant in a hotel. He loved the atmosphere of the hotel industry and later owned his own quiet one in Glasgow's city center. Reaching his current age he decided he wanted the last half of his life to be a bit more quiet, but busy all the same and took on as Groundskeeper.

Personality: Trent is a good natured man, but can raise a temper if provoked too much and can be a bit odd. He likes to see his services put smiles on peoples faces and is always polite and mannerly to people he is just starting to know. Jokes of Trent are a conversation killer and people tend to laugh at his excitement over the joke rather than the joke itself which just encourages him.

Other useful fact: Trent means thirty. T.Hirty spells thirty. His cat is called TNT (Three 'n' Ten = thirty). He might do a couple of things like chew his food thirty times that sort of thing (but I dont plan on over-doing this, because it will just get boring very quickly).

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