The Trumpeting Augurey is a funky karaoke dive found through a hidden doorway squashed between a music store and a vintage shop in Camden Town, London. Once through the narrow entryway, the room opens to reveal playful décor lining the long room. Brushed chrome tabletops and bright chairs point toward the small stage at the far end of the room.

The menu is simple at The Augurey: pizzas and finger foods, and a creative bartender manning the old-fashioned soda fountain. And of course, the place is magical, so the sky is the limit when it comes to ordering: pizza with pickles, nachos and chocolate sauce, and fizzy drinks in exotic flavors.

On the stage, the singer can choose from a variety of songs, both past and present. After giving the selection to the DJ, the singer can perform as the charmed stage joins in for a magical show. Bubbles, lights and lasers, and even magical smoke will add mood and ambience to any song.

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