Tubby Potion


Adds weight to your body mass.



Brewing Time

Almost an hour.



This potion was introduced by Potions Mistress Hecate Scarlett Lafay during the 2071 - 2072 school term.


Adds weight to your body mass.


  • 1 gallon of Troll Blubber
  • 1 Bicorn Horn
  • 6 Krispe Kreme
  • 3 Puffer fish eyes
  • 10 drops of insuline
  • 1 Fluxweed plant
  • .5 liter of bubotuber slime
  • 8 horned slugs
  • 5 Tubeworms
  • 3 drops of Re'em blood
  • 1 bottle of butterbeer
  • 1 drop of sea serpent venom
  • 1 strand of veela hair
  • A chocolate or any type of candy to taste.


  • Place Troll Blubber in cauldron and start a fire.
  • Crush Bicorn Horn with mortar and pestle into a dust, then add it into a fine dust once the Troll Blubber is the consistency of water.
  • Raise the flame and add a Krispe Kreme one at a time. Wait for each to dissolve before adding the next.
  • Squeeze the three puffer fish eyes till they pop and let them fall into the cauldron.
  • Add 10 drops of insulin, one at a time, while stirring with a wooden stirrer/spoon once counter-clock wise.
  • De-leaf fluxweed plant and add.
  • Stir in the bubotuber slime.
  • Add 1 slug after every 5 stirs of the fluxweed stock and keep doing it for all 8.
  • Incinerate the fluxweed stock when finished stirring.
  • Diffindo to cut the tubeworm to make into an actual tube. Add in tubeworms, Re'em blood, and butterbeer.
  • Add the sea serpent venom, with protective goggles.
  • Add the veela hair.
  • While moving your wand around the cauldron and ending with a sharp downward motion on top of the cauldron, say the incantation 'Altilis'
  • Add the sweetie of your choice.

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