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Tunnelling Teak

You will not want to wander alone in a dark forest after reading about the Tunnelling Teak. This dangerous flesh-eating tree has captured many a wizard travelling down darkened paths. Many maps sold in Wizarding stations have these trees documented along various routes, but they do tend to shift their positions, so be extra vigilant if travelling alone or when the forest is darkened.


This type of flesh-eating tree can grow to a height of 100 feet. Looming over the canopy with its bright orange leaves. While you might think the leaves would act as a deterrent, the trees seem to have no problem preying upon creatures that unknowingly pass to close. The bright orange foliage can prove to be helpful while searching the horizon for this variety. During the spring the orange leaves are easily detected, but many creatures are either colour blind, or just plainly distracted, and that is what this tree always hopes for.
One highly interesting fact about this variety is that it hibernates during the coldest parts of the year. Some Wizards can even accurately predict the weather based on this trees behaviour. While this tree is hibernating it will feed off of the many stored up meals it hides in its massive underground roots system. This hibernating nap can last anywhere from 3 to 6 months, depending on the severity of the winter climate. If you need to travel in this trees territory, the peak of its hibernation period is the best time to do so.

So how exactly does this tree eat its prey?

The Tunnelling Teak digs tricky trenches about 8 feet away from its base. The unknowing prey falls into the trench, is grabbed by the trees tremendously strong roots, it is then suffocated by the roots which constrict the air out of its victim, and is preserves in the tree's sap. Indeed it is a very nasty business, and you can see why this is among the most feared of the flesh eating trees! The tree may or may not devour the meal. The sap can preserve the victims for many years. Every once in a while a fully preserved creature is found in an abandoned trench.
Several accounts have been recorded where a quick acting witch or wizard was able to fight off the branches long enough to escape. Sadly there are only a handful of those stories, and too many unhappy endings to list. If you have to travel in the dark parts of the forest, try taking a friend to help you should you "fall" into trouble.

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