Deep in the darkness of our enchanted rain forests hides a real bounty. Hiding in the shadows of vines and basilisks lurks a real profitable little fungi; the toadstool we know as the Twitching Toad or the Twitching toadstool.


These toadstools have a purplish brown hue and can be found trembling in the shadows of trees, vines and whatever else they can squeeze into the shadow of. They tremble to absorb moisture and particles from the air, which they use as food. The trembling also aides in warding off attackers, which often mistake the trembling for a warning from a snake.


The Twitching Toad is rated 3, useful with no dangerous qualities.


The Twitching Toad can be found in the wettest regions of our world and in most enchanted rain forests, and despite its reigning popularity it can still be readily found and harvested.


Once harvested for its dye making ingredients, it was abandoned long ago when puce turned out to no longer be the "in" colour for robes. Now this magical marvel is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. The Twitching Toadstool has been found to have strengthening properties. Wand shops have recently been using this toadstool in certain waxes which promise to extend a wands life from one generation to 5 with only one application of the wax! That is a pretty incredible feat for a tiny toadstool. Since this wax hit the market, the demand for this toadstool has shot through the roof.

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