The Unicorn was first introduced in the Care of Magical Creatures class during Term 5 by Mr. Jermaine Shrine, the Groundskeeper under Headmaster Hendrik's approval. Their beauty in addition to their great use has unfortnately led to the creature avoiding human contact whenever possible. They are more trusting to witches than wizards. 

Habitat & Behavior

The unicorn is found throughout the forests of northern Europe. They are described as living in very dedicated families, remaining commited to their mates until death.  Unicorns a gentle, docile creatures, but that should not fool anyone into thinking that they can't be aggressive. Their typical diet involves mainly grass and small vegetables.

Unicorn foals at birth are gold-coloured. Every two years until their seventh year of age their appearance changes. First gold then silver to where their horn develops by the age of four. By seven years they mature and appear pure white.

A common theory relating to Unicorn's preference of a woman's touch of men's is on the higher levels of testosterone in men. Typically higher levels of testosterone lead to aggression. That in effect counters against the Unicorn's own gentle nature leaving men untrustworthy automatically. When it actuality it's the texture of our own skin. Unicorns are more trusting of softer skin contact. Typically women do have softer skin. Unicorn foals while sensitive are not as selective because of their need for any form of contact.

Often in beauty products geared towards women, the desire to maintain soft and wrinkle-free skin is more prominent compared to men. Therefore the ingredients found in beauty products are collected from vegetation and even some from parts of Unicorns themselves. What attracts Unicorns isn't just on hygiene but on the familiar ingredients they sense. Compared to Men's own beauty products, the ladies have a higher concentration. On top of softer skin contact, this is why they find girls more trusting. The strong fruity smell is from it consisting high levels of a very common ingredient in beauty potions. Unicorn dung and passion fruits.

Magical Uses

The unicorn's horn, blood and hair all have magical properties. Body secretions from Unicorns can be found in many beauty products. The main purpose for the horn is in potions, the blood for immortally at the cost of a cursed life, and the hair in wands.


CoMC Class #2; Term 5
Care of Magical Creatures Lesson 2; Term 21
CoMC #2; Term 39

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