If you need a redirect for a page, post here and I'll sort it out. I will be going through and tidying things up anyway so here's what will change and what you might have that you could let me know about. Doing this means that your links will NOT be broken. Its an easy way to fix things.

A married female character who has changed their last name

I will make it so that if people put their old name they will be redirected to their new name etc This is especially useful if you played the character on site before they got married. 

A character with middle names in their wiki page

middle names will be removed from their wiki page title, however a redirect will be created from these titles so your links won't get broken, it just means that everything is neat and tidy

A character who goes by a name other than their given name

For instance if your character goes by a single name, or perhaps they use their middle name instead of their actual first name, we will redirect from the name people will look for them under.

A business or institution that has a slang name or a shortened form

Like how we call Hogwarts 'Hogwarts' as opposed to its actual full name Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in every day speak. 

Reply to this post if you have any of these or know of any of these and I'll deal to them. And if you see yours change, don't freak out, its just housekeeping.

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