Full Name: Valentina Pendra
Age: 30
Date of Birth: February 14th, 2046
Place of Birth: Cannes, France
Current Residence: Bristol, England
Blood Status: Pureblood
Patronus: Chihuahua
Relationship Status: Single
Former Occupation(s): Assistant to the Potions Mistress at Beauxbatons (2066-2071), Slug and Jiggers Apothecary Shopkeeper


Beauxbatons Academy of Magic Years: 2057-2064
Strongest Subjects: Potions, Herbology
Weakest Subjects: Charms, Ancient Runes


Father: Terence Pendra
Mother: Beatrice Pendra (née Laroche)
Sister: Magdalena Braud (born August 2044)


Height: 5'4 (163cm)
Hair: Red
Eyes: Gray


Completely living up to the common belief of redheads having fiery tempers, Valentina is known for her sudden and often also rather extreme mood swings. Sarcasm is her best friend. Unlike her older sister, she is easily angered if she doesn't get her way or is under the impression that people are ignoring her. Even though, this character trait may lead to her coming across as snobbish and self-centered on the outside, as soon as you get to know her you soon realize that this part of her is just an act and not her real self. However, until you REALLY get to know her you might not be allowed to see her other side.


Both of Valentina's grandparents were absolutely obsessed with heritage and therefore managed to arrange a wedding between Beatrice Laroche and Terence Pendra. Luckily, the two got along quite well, however never experienced the feeling of true love for one another, leaving them being more like close friends rather than a couple. As was expected of her, Beatrice gave birth to two baby girls, Magdalena and Valentina, whom they raised lovingly, trying their hardest to keep them away from any influence of their grandparents.

Valentina and Magdalena both enjoyed a bilingual education, what with their British father and French mother only speaking in their respective mothertongue with them. Even though, Terence wanted the children to go to Hogwarts, it was finally decided to send them to Beauxbatons, where Valentina stayed even after she was done with her obligatory years at the school to assist the Potions Mistress.

While Magdalena had moved to Finland with her spouse, Valentina suddenly received a visit from her grandparents informing her that they had found the perfect partner for her. Which was when the redhead quit her job to move to Bristol, taking her far from reluctant parents with her.

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