Vampire Alder

Found in the darkest of forests, is the Vampire Alder. This blood-loving tree luckily stands out, and is easy to see. The Vampire Alder thrives in dark places under the cover of other trees.


The Vampire Alder is a rather small tree. On average it grows to be five feet tall, and although small, it is very deadly. The leaves come in pairs, there's a top and a bottom one together, forming something like a mouth. It has large green teeth, and it's bark is a grey-black colour. This tree is stout and strong. The Vampire Alder is very easy to spot, after all how many trees have leaves that come in pairs with teeth?
The Vampire Alder flourishes in dry, populated areas. It hates water, and can be found in the driest of places, except deserts. This tree prefers populous areas, as there is more prey. It is not light that helps this tree grow, but the gloomy dark. The Vampire Alder hates light, but loves being under the ill-lighted protection of other trees.

Kill Properties:

This tree is sustained by blood. It will reach out with its many mouth-like leaves and grab its prey. Once your caught by a Vampire Alder there's no getting out, it will drain your blood in less than a minute. It's a good thing you can spot it out like light in dark, or rather dark in light.
All in all, you want to stay away from this tree, it's a killer. But it is very easy to see, so watch out. And luckily, there aren't very many populated, dry areas, people tend to prefer being near a water source. So remember, stay away from double leaves with teeth, you'll be sorry if you don't.

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