The spell Vestis vellus was taught by Transfiguration Professor Preston Kingsley during term 26. The spell was taught during a class on survival skills following the Triwizard Tournament hosted by Hogwarts.

The spell 'Vestis' can be used to transfigure items into blankets, cloaks, curtains, and other large, flat pieces of cloth. 'Vellus' gives us the material type - woolen. Concentrating on the type will make the difference in what the spell creates.

Spell Casting

The wand motion is a simple flourish or curly-que.

The spell can be reverted with the common 'Reverto' incantation.


Because Vestis is the parent spell, and vellus is a modifier, the spell can be used with other words to produce different fabrics.

  • Vestis cotone produces a cotton blanket or length of cloth
  • Vestis letrone produces a length of leather cloth

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