Vivian Iona Fairfield

"Marshmallows are life."

Birth Name

Vivian Iona Fairfield


19 August 2078


Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

House Slytherin


Class of 2096

Vivian Iona Fairfield is a halfblood witch and the eldest daughter of Edmund and Vanya Fairfield, born on the nineteenth of August 2078. She is currently attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a Slytherin student. She is part of the Class of 2096.

Early Life

Vivian Iona Fairfield was born to Edmund and Vanya Fairfield on a windy summer morning on the early hours of August 19, 2078. She was very loved by both of her parents and the rest of her family members. However, due to the nature of her parents' jobs as Healers, they were rarely at home to raise their daughter. Vivian spent a lot of time with her maternal grandparents and her Auntie Elise whenever Edmund and Vanya were busy with work. A few years later, her birth was followed by her sister's, Eloise. Although Vivian was not exactly sure on how to react to her parents dividing their time and money on two girls, she learned to love her baby sister as the years went by. When she was old enough to learn, both of her parents sent her to St. Woboldo's Primary School and accompanied their daughter using the Floo Network. On some occasions when her parents weren't available, her Aunt Elise would take and pick her up from school in their absence. Vivian had grown very close to her aunt and her then boyfriend (now husband) Christopher Stylinson as she aged. During her parents' day off, Edmund and Vanya would take the Fairfield girls on family outings and even allowed Vivian to sometimes observe them when they were demonstrating at work. At a young age, Vivian had developed an interest on Herbology since her mum would usually use some herbs in Healing.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

First Year

Prior to September 1, Vivian had already been bouncing around her house when she received her Hogwarts letter on her eleventh birthday, 19th August 2089. As a gift for her birthday and her acceptance to the school, her father gave her a Kneazle to keep her company, which she eventually named Marshmallow for obvious reasons. Her parents also took her out to shop for her supplies in Diagon Alley one day. However, they were both called to St. Mungo's for an emergency and told her they'd come back in a couple of hours. Due to her adventurous nature, Vivian had no trouble getting scared about losing herself, just as long as she didn't end up in Knockturn Alley. At the cafe with colored umbrellas, she bumped - or rather stepped on - Andrei Romanos, a fellow eleven year old who was bound for Durmstrang. Although Vivian was fussing about it, the boy assured her that it was all alright. The two bonded as Andrei showed her his flute skills while she danced along to the tune. In the end, the two eleven year olds agreed to become pen pals while they were at school so that they can learn languages (English and Romanian), thus, a beginning of a friendship between the two.

Aboard the Hogwarts Express, Vivian didn't know anyone and there weren't empty compartments for her to occupy in silence. She met Ariadne Greingoth and Carl Leonard. After doing some exploring, she also met a somehow sad Skylar Diggory, whom she offered a marshmallow to eat. At the feast, Vivian also found out that, along with Skylar, she was sorted in Slytherin, the same house as her uncle Chris and her new friend Ariadne. She also met fellow Slytherin first years like Valkyrie Atwater. She also got to hold the prefect, Dot Wojack-Gusey's shiny badge. After the feast followed a Snake Pit Gathering held by their head of house, Mr. McLeod, whom Vivian thought was an older student, to her embarrassment. Her first night in Hogwarts was definitely a big bang.

When classes began, Vivian developed interests in the subjects Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures and Astronomy, and especially towards her Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. During her spare time, she loved to visit the music room, where she met Mason Stevens - who almost skewered her with a cello bow - and got dropped on the head by a letter and package from Andrei (thanks, owl); the playground, where she became Madame Vivian to Sir Oliver; and the lake, where she comforted Ravenclaw Azura Kennedy and went Giant Squid hunting with Gryffindor first year Marcieu Lemaire. She also took part in testing Potions under the guidance of Professor Arthur Newton and was influenced by a love potion, leading her to "fall in love" with Hufflepuff Brian Woods for about an hour.

Vivian's first year was quite eventful, especially with the hag from the previous term coming back. However, she tried to remain lowkey during the school year and decided not to get tangled on those events, focusing on her studies and the Dueling Club. When she got home, Vivian couldn't wait to share her experiences with her parents and little sister.

Second Year


Third Year

TBA. Wasn't RPed on site.

Fourth Year

TBA. Stuff includes:

  • Welcoming Felicity to the she-snake squad
  • IMPS stuff with Ilvermorny people at Hogwarts
  • IMPS Challenge 1, where things were dramatic between Sky and Brent #thirdwheeling
  • Merlin's Pride event with friend!date Liss and all the spilled information
  • Learning stuff about Andrei due to veritaserum-infected food from the cruise, all the crying and skipping morning class
  • Christmas with family and visits from Ethan
  • More school stuff
  • Hawaii for the Easter break with the Diggory family (and Uncle, Auntie, and baby cousins)
  • Taking care of Goldilocks the niffler
  • That Ancient Runes class when pixies chased her and Sky, resulting to a visit to Professor Hirsch's office #noregrets
  • Becoming a renowned runologist, top-notch transformer, and black belt dueler
  • All the stuff that Kimmy should not have forgotten

Fifth Year

TBA. Stuff includes:

  • Growth spurt!
  • Sleep overs with friends
  • Finding out Andrei has a girlfriend
  • Boys boys boys
  • Prefect?!
  • Incendio
  • When all the kissing happened
  • Snogging buddies with Chase
  • Holiday visits from Ethan and meeting up with Andrei (more teenage ouch)
  • A N G S T
  • Stressing over OWLs and tutoring with Sky
  • Got asked out to a concert by Nathan Hale for Valentines
  • Valentines Date did not end well
  • Friends getting possessed
  • Fountain of Fair Fortune play
  • OWLs!!!

Sixth Year

TBA. Stuff includes:

  • Summer shenanigans with Eloise
  • Ice cream date with Andrei
  • Visiting Chase in Edinburgh and meeting his family (especially his sister, Miss Aria)
  • Surprise tea and crumpets pool party for Junia
  • Nathan's pool party (chicken fight!)
  • Vienna with auntie and Eloise
  • Surprise birthday for Chase
  • Received her OWL results on her birthday (12 OWLs!)
  • DTR? DTR.
  • Everyone is getting cursed.
  • Seeker for the Slytherin Quidditch Team (losing to Gryffindor but winning against Ravenclaw)
  • Singing role at the school play
  • Telling the family about having a boyfriend
  • That late night mirror conversation with Andrei


Vivian is a very hyper and happy girl in general. She has a very high regard for her family, with an exception to her Aunt Elysia, who has cut all ties with the rest of the Fairfield clan. She is also super caring friend, sister, daughter, and niece. She likes to dance around as well, even if she isn't that good. She tends to overreact at certain things (like stepping on someone's foot), which usually makes her parents worried. She can be a little prankster and loves to add a little bit of fun to some situations. She likes learning new languages, and is currently learning a couple of Romanian from her friend Andrei Romanos. Sugar rush can get the best of her, especially with marshmallows involved. Kimmy is still on the process of getting to know her.


Vivian has blonde hair and blue eyes, distinct Fairfield traits that she got from her dad. Her fair skin tone was mostly inherited from her mother. As of 2092, she currently stands at 5'1/2". However, due to the Fairfield gene, Vivian is not expected to grow too tall as her adult height will only be 5'4".


Edmund Fairfield

Edmund Fairfield is Vivian's father. He was a Gryffindor student at Hogwarts. While he was studying Healer Studies, Edmund tied the knot with his Hogwarts acquaintance (whom he began dating when they were already 21) and soon, they were expecting a daughter. The relationship between Edmund and Vivian had always been interesting and fun. They were like partners-in-crime, due to the man's Gryffindor personality, and enjoyed brainstorming pranks together in the house. As much as they both wanted to spend time with each other, Edmund was usually busy with work as a Healer in St. Mungo's. Despite being occupied at work, he loved to bring home surprises for his two daughters. On Vivian's eleventh birthday, he gave her a pet Kneazle as a present for receiving her Hogwarts letter. The next year, on her twelfth birthday, Edmund knew just how much his daughter loved music and so he gave her a guitar. He was never a perfect father, but Edmund loved his family dearly and wanted nothing but the best for his girls.

Vanya Fairfield

Vanya Fairfield is Vivian's mother. She was a Ravenclaw student during her Hogwarts years. Raised to be prim and proper, Vanya had never expected to fall for the goofball of their class. Being brought up in a family that valued manners and ideals, it is most likely that this was the reason why she was quite strict in raising her daughters. She hoped that, through her guidance despite being busy as a Healer like her husband, she instilled good morals on her children. However, Vanya had already known from the moment she married Edmund that her children would inherit a part of their personality from their father's Gryffindor nature. When Vivian had grown old enough to learn how to do pranks, Vanya did well in extending her patience instead of yelling at her daughter. Regardless of her sternness towards Vivian and Eloise, the former Ravenclaw will always have a soft spot for her children.

Eloise Fairfield

Eloise Fairfield is Vivian's younger sister, six years apart. When Eloise was born, Vivian was quite torn with what she felt about having a little sister. She was glad to finally have someone she could play with, but she didn't like having her parents divide time between them both since she had grown so used to being the only child. However, she began warming up to Eloise as they both grew older and eventually developed a strong sisterly bond. They would share secrets to each other -- things they didn't want to tell their parents, especially -- and hang out a lot with just the two of them. Vivian is rather fond of her sister, and loves to braid Eloise's hair during their spare time. Ever since the older Fairfield sister went to Hogwarts, they both made a great amount of effort to write to each almost every day. Whenever they are together, they would usually do prank stuff.

Elise Alienne Stylinson ('nee Fairfield)

Elise Stylinson ('nee Fairfield) is Vivian's aunt and her father's youngest sister. Vivian was born when her aunt was only fourteen years old and, despite the age gap, they seem to go along very well. The younger Fairfield considered her aunt as her second mum, having stayed at her place almost all the time when Edmund and Vanya were busy. There were also some things that Vivian would tell her aunt that she would be too scared to tell her parents. When she had a fashion emergency, Elise's closet would be the first one Vivian would sneak into, especially back when she was still a first/second year. Vivian very much enjoys being around her aunt and loves her a whole lot. Whenever she is uncomfortable about talking to her parents regarding certain topics, her Aunte Elise would be her go-to person.

Christopher Stylinson

Christopher Stylinson is Vivian's uncle and her Aunt Elise's husband. Vivian had already know Chris before he officially became a part of their family. She loved him a lot because he was goofy, and the blonde naturally loved joking around with him. She was particularly overjoyed when her Aunt Elise got married, and was even made the flower girl at their winter-themed wedding. Sometimes, Vivian would take advantage of Christopher's soft side towards her so she could get what she wanted, but it is always out of pure intentions. Chris can also be considered as Vivian's second dad, considering how close they were despite not being blood-related.

Alexander and Benjamin Stylinson

Alexander and Benjamin Stylinson are Vivian's twin cousins, and the sons of her Aunt Elise and Uncle Chris. They're both babies so yeah, Kimmy will have to write this sooooon lol

Elysia Anna Fairfield

Elysia Fairfield is Vivian's aunt, though she does not associate herself with the woman. After graduation, Elysia immediately left the rest of her Fairfield family to pursue a modelling career and hedonistic life, though she still remained in contact with her parents. Vivian only met her aunt officially during Elise's wedding, where they both were in attendance. Elysia wasn't exactly a warm aunt towards the younger Fairfield, and so Vivian made a decision to cut ties as well. The only things Vivian can associate with her Aunt Elysia was that she was mean and did not value her family as much as Vivian hoped.


Andrei Romanos

Stepping on his foot at Diagon Alley + becoming pen pals + language buddies + that emotional (?) meet-up at DA the summer before their second year + kept writing to each other + unsure emotions about Romanian boy + being reminded of Andrei during different classes and conversations + Merlin's Pride Veritaserum extravaganza + finally realizing that she had feelings for him during the middle of their fourth year + receiving the letter which made her cry and skip classes + summer with Andrei + finding out he had a girlfriend which resulted to reckless Vivian for her entire fifth year + emotional crisis + mirror conversations + moving on? maybe, but still genuinely cares for him + her favourite what-if + that one late night mirror conversation that left Vivian lost and forever frustrated + everything else in between

Skylar Diggory

Meeting at the Hogwarts Express + the beginning of their marshmallow friendship + becoming dorm mates! + strengthened friendship with the she-snake squad + helping Sky with Brent + she-snake squad dorm stories + Vivi to the rescue when things happen at the IMPS viewing area + Christmas presents for the squad + Hawaii with the Diggory fam + sleepover during the summer + Incendio, thanks to Sky + Flynn Kowalski stuff + studying OWLs together + helping her get over Brent after horrendous break up + Sky being captain + more boy drama for Sky + everything in between

Junia Botros

Not really close during first year + dorm mate squad with Sky and Liss + Merlin's Pride stuff + seeing Junia with no date/boyf at the Grand Ballroom + batting eyelashes at Lachlan Wheeler + being there for Junia when boob drama happened + Christmas presents (necklaces) for squad + Junia being jealous of badge and Vivian feeling like a terrible friend for not knowing for two years gosh + Dorothy + getting on the team together + everything in between

Felicity Harrington

Liss just transferring to Hogwarts from Ilvermorny + becoming dorm mates + no boyfs in the squad + friend!date to the Merlin's Pride event + Veritaserum blurting out stuff + admitting to each to other that they liked boys whom they can't have + necklaces for Christmas + sleepover during the summer + Flynn Kowalski stuff + Liss' Ravenclaw stalker + single she-snakes no more + everything in between

Harriet Paton

Puff friend + squad + lalala + apparently gets stuck between her drama with Sky

Fiyero Jones

Meeting him at Flourish and Blott's with his cousin and Rachel + defeating Gytrash dummies in DADA class + start of their friendship + nicknaming him as Zorro + hanging out in Hogsmeade + catching up at the Three Broomsticks with butterbeer and sandwiches and free cookies from Zorro + gentleman Zorro + offering Quidditch help when he was angsty + everything in between

Flynn Kowalski

Lalalalala all drama about him with Sky, Hattie, Farah, etc. + sleeping at the feast + co-prefect + Mayfield & Coleslaw, the Hogwarts Food Duo + him dating Liss + taking his prefect patrol duties when he was down + everything in between

Chase Keighley

Lalala Incendio stuff at the hot springs + kissing buddies for distractions + feelings start during the ransack + sneaking to his dorm + positive influence + music note necklace for Valentines + clash of emotions for him and Andrei + teen angst on top of OWL stress + invited to visit him at Edinburgh during the summer + apparently meets his family + pool parties with him + surprise surprise 16th bday + DTR talk and becomes official + happy Vivian + love????? + everything in between

Ethan Dixon

Pseudobrother stuff here

Oliver Borzekowski-Thomas

Co-prefect + fave