Voco Solutio


Summons object

Brewing Time

30 minutes



Also known as a Summoning Solution, this potion was first introduced during Term 14 by Hepzibah Hart

To use the potion, one must drink the solution and then call for the desired object three times.  Items that are not bespelled or enchanted otherwise should soon appear.  The accompanying story told by Hepzibah suggests that the potion can be used to summon a lost love.


  • 4 ginger roots
  • 4ml Glumbumble secretion fluid
  • 2 hellebore leaves
  • 25 grams ground caterpillar


1. Fill your cauldron half way with water and bring to the boil.
2. Cut 4 ginger roots into tiny pieces and sprinkle into the solution. Potion should take a transparent, grey colour.
3. Add 4ml of Glumbumble secretion fluid to the potion evenly.
4. Stir 5 times clockwise and 3 counterclockwise.
5. Drop in 2 leaves of hellebore.
6. Add 25 grams of ground caterpillar.
7. Stir 2 times clockwise and 2 times counterclockwise.
8. Lower heat and leave to simmer for approximately 20 minutes.
9. Bottle and cork the solution for later use.

Note: Hellebore is poisonous and is used in the potion as a deterrant, among other things.  Repeated use or abuse of the potion will cause the user to fall ill and die.

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